NFL's Top 5 Underrated Running Backs of 2012

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIOctober 19, 2012

The elite running backs of the NFL are well-known. Even those not submerged in the stat-laden universe of fantasy football are aware of the exploits of elite running backs like Arian Foster and Maurice Jones-Drew.

But what about the guys that put up great numbers and don't quite get their due?

Certain running backs are underrated for a multitude of reasons. Some play on the West Coast, removed from the center of the national media's glaring eye. Some of them play for teams that, as a whole, haven't enjoyed much on-field success in recent years. And some of them are splitting time with younger, shiftier counterparts. 

Which of the NFL's running backs have been underrated this season?

Join me and NFL national lead writer Michael Schottey as we break down the five most underrated running backs of 2012. Check out our insights in the video above and leave your thoughts below in the comments. 

As always, thanks for watching.