Kevin James & the Best Actors in Sports Movies: BR5

BR5Daily ShowOctober 19, 2012

Kevin James is primarily known as being the star of King of Queens, but his real fans know that he is a serious sports fan. James is a classic New York area fan who's passionate about the New York Jets, as well as his beloved New York Knicks.

But some may not be aware that the King of Queens lead is an enormous MMA fan. So much so, his latest film Here Comes the Boom is based on a teacher who is forced to raise money for his school by fighting in MMA matches.

The sport is dear to James' heart, as he's not only a fan but also directly involved, training with some of MMA's most elite and even coaching heavyweight Bas Rutten in a fight.

James visited BR5 and talked about the most bad-ass actors to star in sports movies.

He wastes no time heaping praise on his co-star from Here Comes the Boom, Bas Rutten. Rutten was a fixture on the mixed martial arts circuit and is a scene stealer in this film.

Rutten is one of the few athletes who should easily make the tough transition from sports to film. 

As someone who knows MMA as well as he does, believability is vitally important to making a sports movie.

That said, James stands by the classics, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky and, more recently, Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter.