The Big Show and Vicki

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Now this was truly a weird think. I mean Big Show really must be one stupid person to go with Vicki even if this is just a storyline. I mean Vicki is already with Edge which i think Edge is crazy for being with her. Well at least we know one thing there won't be no need for these two to buy heat in the winter with all Vicki;s blubber, I mean of all the people either Big Show or Edge could be with they choose Vicki Guererro. I mean Edge was with Lita earlier in his career so what happened to that. I mean at least Lita was good looking. I mean the first time I saw Vicki on Smackdown ( Note I have not watched that much of the actual shows before a few months ago. I usually just watched matches of The Rock's online.) I thought that whoever was with her was crazy. Then I saw Edge calling her his wife and I thought waht the hell? I mean she is the worst person anyone could be with especially with all the hot divas in the WWE. Well I;m definitely not the first to write about this and I won't be the last but remember this Vicki doesn't deserve anyone in the WWE.