WWE: Why Ryback vs. CM Punk at Hell in a Cell Is a Mistake

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIOctober 19, 2012

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Just six months after returning to WWE TV, Ryback will be facing CM Punk at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship.

The decision to push Ryback to be CM Punk’s opponent was a big mistake for a number of reasons.


The Only Place To Go Is Down

First, the only place for Ryback to go after Hell in a Cell is down. When you look at superstars such as the Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, you think about failed World Title reigns.

One reason is they were rushed to the top of the mountain. Another reason is once you reach the top of the mountain, the only place to go is down.

They were unable to sustain being at the top and have since dropped down. No one wants to see this happen to Ryback. By putting him in a situation where he is at the top of the mountain, we can only hope he can sustain being there. Otherwise, he is going the only place he can: down.


CM Punk vs. The Rock

WWE is building towards CM Punk versus The Rock at the Royal Rumble.

Between tweets by The Rock and the occasional appearance on WWE TV, such as Raw 1000, WWE clearly wants its fans to get pumped for this feud.

If CM Punk and The Rock do face each other at Royal Rumble, then it becomes obvious Ryback is not a serious threat to win the WWE Championship.


Ryback Still Needs To Prove Himself

Many people are arguing that Ryback hasn’t proven himself on the mic yet. I agree, but why are mic skills so important in the wrestling business? It’s because wrestlers are showing us their gimmicks through promos and the way they talk.

Ryback is a monster who comes to the ring and within 10 minutes beats whoever is in his path. That’s a nice gimmick, but it isn’t special.

Ryback needs to prove that he can play a character. A character that can impress us with his words.


Randy Orton and Sheamus Are Better Options

There are two superstars on the roster who should be Punk’s opponent.

There is the obvious choice that some have already mentioned in Randy Orton. A number of weeks ago we witnessed an Orton versus Punk match due to a RAW active twitter poll. If the WWE Universe spoke of whom they want to see CM Punk in a feud with, then why didn’t WWE give us Randy Orton? Probably because he will eventually turn heel again.

The second superstar already on the roster who should have been considered for Punk’s opponent is Sheamus.

I understand that we need two World Champions due to the separate tours of house shows. Sheamus, however, is currently in an unnecessary feud with Big Show. Just like Ryback, most people do not expect the challenger to leave Hell in a Cell as the new champion. If you have two World Champions in need of challengers and one is face and the other is heel, I thought it would be obvious to have them face each other.



I strongly believe that the upcoming Ryback versus CM Punk match for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell is a big mistake. Ryback is not ready for this match or feud. Plus, there were better options for WWE when it seemed John Cena would not be available.

Do you think this Ryback versus CM Punk at Hell in a Cell is a mistake? Why or why not? Who should be CM Punk's opponent at Hell in a Cell?


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