WWE: CM Punk Is the Best Character in Today's WWE

Shea Haney@SheaH4Correspondent IIIOctober 19, 2012

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 08: WWE Champion CM Punk throws out the first pitch before the Chicago Cubs versus the Atlanta Braves game on May 8, 2012 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
David Banks/Getty Images

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, the main storyline is focused on WWE Champion CM Punk.

Punk has been on a mission for “respect” around the WWE.  He has had run-ins with the likes of Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, John Cena and Ryback.  He mainly parades around WWE TV with Paul Heyman asking for people to respect him for being champion.  Occasionally, Punk attempts to beat the respect out of the people that he comes across.  On Raw, we saw Punk get involved physically with a fan who bumped him in the crowd.  Punk ended up elbowing and punching the fan.  In my opinion, it was completely justified by Punk and only added to his character on TV.

The main mission for the WWE was to make CM Punk their top heel character.  In my opinion, they have succeeded.

Punk has gone from getting some of the biggest pops to garnering intense heat from crowds in every WWE city.  Why is this?  It’s because Punk is a believable and intriguing character as a heel.  He engages crowds (sometimes physically as we’ve seen) and draws them into the show.  Punk can play the intense violent wrestler or the slick and cheap heel character whenever he wants.  This is an attribute few can accomplish.  Damien Sandow or Dolph Ziggler maybe that can come close to Punk as far as heel characters go.

So where does Punk go from here? 

He is scheduled for a “Hell in a Cell” match against Ryback.  The buildup was for this match to occur with John Cena but that doesn’t appear to be happening.  I think this match will be great for both Punk and Ryback.  This will give Punk an opponent that he can show all of his heel characteristics against. 

As far as wrestling style, it provides an interesting combination of technical skill and brute force.  This should at least intrigue fans to see how these two will mix in the ring.  

As for Ryback, this is obviously the biggest match of his career.  If Ryback has a great performance, he can show the WWE and its fan base that he is ready for the main event.

The WWE was right when they decided that Punk should turn heel.  He is a great antagonist to anyone the WWE wants to be the protagonist.  The WWE needs to continue to give Punk the microphone and create magic with the microphone.  

They need to allow Punk to toe the line of acceptable and not acceptable violence on TV.  He has shown signs of his mean streak, and the WWE should allow this to continue.  This will really show the WWE’s commitment to the fans, providing them what they want to see.