Why Is The WWF Better Than The WWE?

Adam PierreContributor IMarch 11, 2009

OK I used watch Monday Night Raw, Thursday Night Smackdown and watch an occasional main event. I bought all the wrestling toys. I was a huge wrestling fan... that is was. Maybe it's only me but when I try to watch wrestling I am easily turned off. Maybe I just want to see a good ol' "It doesn't matter what your name is!" to The Coachman instead of seeing The Rock in  a movie and Jonathan Coachman on ESPN or see Latino heat(R.I.P) and Chavo Guerrero not oo Chavito or see the Texas rattlesnake kick someone's face in or see Kane with a mask choke slam someone through a ring or even see Kurt Angle with hair (lol). I could reminisce all day about the funny times on wrestling. But I need help finding whats wrong with wrestling because it is just corny to me but other people still do like it.

I'm not going to sit here writing this article and lie like I remember being there when Hulk Hogan slamed Andre the Giant because I didn't see it. I just miss that pure comedy happening on RAA every Monday I can expect to lay back and watch a good show. Maybe not even expecting Triple H to crash Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding. But somebody really needs to inform me what is wrong with this wrestling on T.V. because it's garbage or "gravy" as Mr. Scanlon likes to say. (lol)