How Tim Tebow Can Make His Mark on the NFL Moving Forward

Nick KostoraContributor IIIOctober 18, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 08:  Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jets runs the ball against the Houston Texans at MetLife Stadium on October 8, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Texans won 23-17. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

There is more to Tim Tebow than the character he is portrayed as on your TVs every day.

Behind the Skip Bayless praise, the YouTube videos of him running through the rain and the endless array of "Dubstep" videos in his honor is a QB waiting for a chance to succeed.

Yes, there is an actual football player inside of Tebow, and right now, he is being relegated to a relatively useless role within the New York Jets offense.

So how can he make his mark on the NFL moving forward? How can he emerge from the Jets bench and become the type of playmaker that led the Denver Broncos to the AFC Championship Game just one short season ago?

Let's break down what he can do with the Jets for the remainder of the season:


Embrace a multi-faceted role

Tebow is a lightning rod for the New York media, but the same unfortunately cannot be said for his role with the Jets. 

Head coach Rex Ryan has been steadfast in his belief that Mark Sanchez is his starting QB, for better or worse. Because of that fact, the "Tebow-specific packages" have been few and far between. However, Tebow has not exactly made the most of those opportunities when they have presented themselves.

The Jets offense has been stagnant with Tebow on the field, at times even looking less potent than the Sanchez-led version. 

How can Tebow make the most of the situation?

Consider what Rex Ryan said about Tebow's offensive role changing, per

"The thing about Tim — with him being a football player like we've always talked about —by playing quarterback, he knows all the positions. So, can you plug him in at running back? Can you plug him in at tight end or whatever? I think the answer is yes."

Tebow has said repeatedly he is a QB, but by taking on this challenge or any other, he can showcase his diverse skill set as much as possible and maybe even become a key contributor to the Jets offense.


Stay positive about the situation

Tebow is famous for being upbeat and never saying any issues or complaints he may have. That must continue as the Jets look for new ways to utilize him within the framework of their offense.

The Jets recently brought in QB Kevin O'Connell for a workout. Tebow cannot allow the media to get a rise or a reaction out of him in this or any other situation. He must consider this season an open tryout for other teams that may have interest in his services.

His stock can only have dropped since joining New York, and it is essential that he find ways to enhance his on-field image through his actual production.

Of course, videos like this are not what I'm talking about...



The truth at this point is that little can be done to salvage Tebow's situation in New York. He will never supplant Sanchez as the team's starting QB, and it appears the coaching staff wants to shift his role to that of a flex-type player.

Tebow's best option is to play to the best of his ability in whatever role they give him, keep his mouth shut and wait for a proper QB opportunity elsewhere.

The former Florida Gator is not everyone's cup of tea at QB, but there will always be a franchise interested in bringing him into the fold. He must realize that and patiently wait for a new opportunity.

If he can successfully do that and perhaps contribute in his varied role with the Jets, he can start to again make his mark on the NFL.