Why Jerry Jones Has No Reason to Stay Patient with Jason Garrett

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Why Jerry Jones Has No Reason to Stay Patient with Jason Garrett
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If you need a newsflash to inform you that Jason Garrett is on the hot seat, you haven't been paying attention. Especially considering the impulsive Jerry Jones is his boss.

There isn't much more introduction needed here. Check out why Jones doesn't need to keep Garrett around much longer.

This Is the NFL

Everyone who loves football dreams of a job within the NFL. Whether it's as a player (usually the most preferred route), as a coach, general manager or a member of the media, hordes of people would enjoy having their lives revolve around professional pigskin.

This bloated market of talent has created an endless pool of candidates to pull from. Thus, if someone proves incompetent in their chosen field, they can quickly be replaced by another who has dreamt of the opportunity. 

You see where I'm going here, right?

There are plenty of other potential coaches out there for the Cowboys. There's no need for Jones to stick with Garrett when there are many other fish in the sea.

Garrett has Been Incompetent

Where is the evidence pointing to Garrett as a legitimate head coach? Is there even a counselor willing to put forth his case?

Shocking. All I hear are crickets.

Remember, this is the coach that famously iced his own kicker.

Poor Dan Bailey knocked in a game-winning kick against the Arizona Cardinals last year, only to have it negated by his coach's timeout call. Because hey, you can't take them with you. 

Needless to say, Bailey missed the ensuing re-kick.

Garrett also allowed Tony Romo to endure the lion's share of the blame for 2011's late-game collapses. What he conveniently failed to address was why he was putting the game in his prone-to-choking quarterback's hands as opposed to turning to rushes and short passes.

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The Cowboys are Not Rebuilding

Garrett deflected the blame of not making the playoffs in 2011 by insisting that the Cowboys were going through a "rebuilding" year (h/t Tim MacMahan). Through six weeks of the 2012 season, his team resides in the basement of the NFC East.

So what was Dallas actually building toward? A top-10 draft pick?

NFL owners rarely need much reason, if any at all, to dismiss a coach in today's knee-jerk society. In this instance, Jones doesn't have one reason to retain his.

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