Shaquille O'Neal Busts out Prince Karaoke on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 18, 2012

The big man formerly known as an NBA superstar was on Live with Kelly and Michael to bust out a remarkable impression of the The Artist formerly known as Prince. 

The video (h/t BuzzFeed) features Shaquille O'Neal after a costume change in what appears to b a great karaoke competition on Live.

Shaq has never been introduced to a moment he didn't want to completely slay with an over-the-top performance. 

Thankfully, this is precisely the kind of entertainment you want early in the morning before the coffee has kicked in. 

The last waves of sleepiness make it all the more tolerable. 

The video is as you would expect. Shaq hams it up for all the stay-at-home people and those who called in sick as he dances and sings like a buffed-out Prince on the hit morning show. 

And he rocks. 

The man may be well off key, but he certainly does what he intends to do and destroys everything you once thought you knew about the song "When Doves Cry." 

For good or bad, I will never hear the song the same again. 

As for co-host and NFL legend Michael Strahan, he ended up winning the sing off and posted a video about it, too

I smell a rematch. 

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