WWE: The Benefits of Paul Heyman's Involvement on Raw

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2012

Just who is the real devil here? Photo courtesy of KupyWrestlingWallpapers.com
Just who is the real devil here? Photo courtesy of KupyWrestlingWallpapers.com

The most devious mind in all of professional wrestling returned to WWE this year.

No, not Vince McMahon...Paul Heyman!

The controversial and verbal promoter/manager has found a way to slither back in—and stand next to beings like Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, no less.

Monday Night Raw will never be the same.

This man is brilliant when it comes to playing his character. A devious and arrogant, yet direct man whose lust for power is rivaled by none, save perhaps the chairman of the board himself.

With his legions of supporters, Paul Heyman manages to bring up the quality of any exchange between himself and the ones he opposes, and at the same time, complement or "complete," if you will, the mic skills of his "proteges."

As it stands right now, Heyman represents WWE Champion CM Punk and helps cement his legacy as "the best in the world," but it is also his silence that makes Raw that much more enjoyable.

If he does not tear into his opponents verbally (with perfection I might add), he makes faces and expressions that totally reveal what he is feeling.

The shock, the evil look, the concern...you name it. Heyman is the master and it's worth sticking around just for that.

It is not for nothing he is back.

Since the days of the "Attitude" era, the quality of WWE programming has been somewhat lackluster, and many older fans, such as myself, can have a difficult time adjusting to this childish stuff.  If we cannot have TV-14, then settling for a strong persona of days past may somehow do the trick.

Surely one must realize that having Paul Heyman around not only brings up the quality of Raw but  also serves to elevate those one or two extraordinary Superstars who haveyet to find their way to the top.

Take CM Punk—everything about him is a success. His title reign, his recent turn to darkness, etc.

But how great is he when his character works in synergy alongside Heyman?

It is the most entertaining story arc WWE has produced in a long, long time.

What about that one guy who could use such a spark? Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, The Miz...

Pick one.

Pick one who could really "explode" onto the scene at 100 percent capacity should he be paired with a genius like Paul E.

The man can quite simply bring out the best "evil" out of, well, just anybody!

Did anyone truly expect Punk to turn so soon? Why wasn't it Randy Orton for that matter?

The times have changed since the goodie-goodie days of John Cena. Darkness and terror are coming back to the WWE and you may even start believing that the Road to WrestleMania has already begun.

Count your lucky stars Paul Heyman is here right now.

No one but the man himself knows how long he will remain in place, but one thing is true, Monday Night Raw is must-see TV.

Statement of fact, Period!