My Least Favorite Wrestlers, Pt. 2

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Hey everyone.

I'm back for round two of me yelling at the wrestling superstars I hate. Now I won't stop at the top five guys; I'll also give you some honorable mentions after the article. So away we go.


5. Robert Roode

Another TNA wrestler they really like showing up on this list. Well Robert Roode wasn't hated when I first saw him but now Beer Money Inc. has gotten really annoying. You'll see Robert's tag partner James Storm later on the list but Roode has bought himself the No. 5 spot. He does so much annoying shit like helping to make the Off The Wagon Challenge, which has eliminated people who were pretty good. (I'm sorry for you getting kicked Petey.)


4. James Storm

Told you he was coming up, didn't I? Well, now that James is on the list, it's time to tell you why. It's pretty much the same as Roode. He annoys me and he started the Off The Wagon Challenge.


3. Kurt Angle

This is the final TNA wrestler you'll see on this list because the top two spots are for really annoying wrestlers. Kurt made this list because he is trying to take down Sting and that is one piece of shit idea. Also he's a part of the Main event mafia which includes people from part one of this list. Plus he's a big as pain in Jeff Jarrett's side and I like Jeff.


2. Big Show

You all knew this was coming. Even though he has made a lot of comedy come out with Cena and Edge, he is a big piece of shit. First the one piece sucks and makes you look like the world's fattest ape man. Also who has an affair with Vicki she is and ugly piece of shit.


1. Edge

The Rated R Superstar. More like the Rated G cup of Pee. Sorry, no other insulting things that rhyme with G. He is as annoying as hell, he can't wrestle, and he is the guy Jeff Hardy was fighting when Matt hit him with a chair. Who else could make No. 1? Plus, he is married to Vicki Guererro, who looks like shit.


Honorable Mentions

Now for the honorable mention the people I hate but didn't make it to the list.


1. Suicide

He is annoying on TNA because he keeps beating the shit out of my favorite tag team the Motor City Machine Guns.


2. The Road Dog

I hated Dx period so of course this is gonna make him be in the Honorable mention.


3. X-Pac

I made the list and I'm still surprised he didn't make it. I mean he was a part of the my two least favorite groups ever. First Dx then he he went to the nWo.


4. Kevin Nash

Another guy who was and is a part of a group I hate. He was nWo and now he is Main Event Mafia. What is there to like about this guy?


Well, that's it.