How Nebraska Can Flip 4-Star WR Demorea Stringfellow on His Official Visit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 18, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star wide receiver Demorea Stringfellow is committed to play football for the University of Washington Huskies, but there is a chance that the Nebraska Cornhuskers can sway him on his official visit.

Mike Matya of is reporting that Stringfellow will take an official visit to Nebraska when the Cornhuskers play Michigan. He also quotes Stringfellow on why he wants to visit:

The four-star was asked why he wanted to see Nebraska.

"I talk to Quincy (Enunwa) at least a couple times a month," Stringfellow stated. "He said that he likes the coaches [at Nebraska] and that the fan base is behind the team.

"I'm looking to see the school environment and how they all get along and stuff like that."

Great college football recruiters find a way to establish recruiting pipelines from certain states and more specifically, from certain regions, cities and high schools.

Right now, Bo Pelini has two players, in defensive end Eric Martin and receiver Quincy Enunwa, who come from the same school as Stringfellow (Rancho Verde in Moreno Valley, California) and apparently having that pipeline is playing a factor in possibly getting the 4-star wide-out to sway away from Washington.

How can Nebraska get Stringfellow to flip? Take advantage of the pipeline.

One of the best recruiting advantages a coach has is being able to provide a player with people that he already knows, especially if he's asking the kid to travel half way across the country.

No matter who you are, the transition from high school to college is usually an awkward one, so it undoubtedly makes things easier to know at least one other person. In the case of Stringfellow, Pelini can sell him on the fact that he knows two people that are both from his hometown.

It also helps that Enunwa has kept up a dialog with the recruit about Nebraska and is talking the program up.

It's one thing to hear a recruiting pitch from a coach, but it's completely different, and sometimes more effective, when you hear the pitch from a player and someone you know.

These are two extremely valuable assets and they very well may give Nebraska the advantage over Washington.

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