Robert Griffin III Saying and Doing the Right Things for Washington Redskins

Danny WebsterAnalyst IIIOctober 18, 2012

Robert Griffin III has a chance to put the Redskins in first place in the NFC East with a win on Sunday.
Robert Griffin III has a chance to put the Redskins in first place in the NFC East with a win on Sunday.Larry French/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins have been desperately searching for someone to bring the franchise back from obscurity.

If you ask Robert Griffin III, he may tell you that he's the one that can do just that. And can you blame him?

The Redskins franchise quarterback said on Wednesday that the 3-3 improved team is his and that he always believed that the team needed him to perform at a level that only a star-caliber quarterback could provide.

"I can't leave them hanging," Griffin said. "This is my team, I'm the leader of this team and I have to make sure I'm out there to help them win."

If he wasn't going to say it, who would?

After years of failed experiments in the likes of Rex Grossman, Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell, none of those quarterbacks have had the type of skill set and confidence to lead this team. Keep in mind, the Redskins are on the receiving end of only one playoff appearance in the last decade.

They may not have the superstar talent like the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys, but putting a great quarterback around little talent can do wonders for a franchise searching for hope. All you have to do is look at Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints to realize how dangerous he can be.

Then, after suffering a concussion in Week 5, Griffin III led a big comeback over the Minnesota Vikings.  He passed and ran for over 100 yards, including a 76-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter to seal the deal.

It's been forever since the Redskins have had the kind of play maker to move the ball down the field and score points in a variety of ways. Not only has RG3 become the front-runner for Rookie of the Year, but he's made the Redskins relevant again.

Just by playing as amazing as he has, the players around RG3 have performed at their highest of levels, as well.

Look at Alfred Morris, for example. The rookie running back from Florida Atlantic has rushed for 538 yards in six games and even has two 100-yard games under his belt.

Then there's the balance in the receiving game.  With Fred Davis, Santana Moss, Josh Morgan and Pierre Garcon each balancing the catches, Griffin III has become the ultimate quarterback who finds his receivers and makes each of them a dangerous threat. That's probably why he's completing over 70 percent of his passes right now.

RG3 has only played six games in his young NFL career, but he's exceeding expectations that no one believed he would in his rookie year. Is it surprising due to the recent success of the rookie quarterback over the last few years? Probably not, but given the situation, he's made the Redskins a fun football team to watch.

And the interesting aspect of all of this: If the Redskins beat the New York Giants on Sunday, Washington and RG3 will be on top of the NFC East at 4-3.

Who would've thought it? I'm sure Robert Griffin III did.