WWE Spoils Surprise for Kofi Kingston vs. Miz Main Event Title Match

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 18, 2012

Photo by Reckless Dream Photography
Photo by Reckless Dream Photography

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship on WWE Main Event. But you knew that before the show aired, didn't you?

Fans didn't have to scour pro wrestling websites to find out the outcome to the championship match before the match aired. WWE prematurely posted the result on their website.

Main Event airs on Wednesdays, but is taped a day before.

Word of Kofi's win was sure to get out at least to a certain spoiler-seeking portion of the audience. But why ruin the ending for everyone else?

There is a certain element of suspense to knowing the ending and seeing how one arrives there. It's not as if audience didn't know how Titanic would end before purchasing their tickets.

At the same time, a large part of wrestling's entertainment is derived from surprise. Some fans who knew the outcome certainly still tuned in to see it happen, but how many fans did the spoiled outcome turn away?

Surely some wrestling fans read the results on wwe.com and decided to forgo watching Main Event, popping in a video game instead.

Maybe WWE is surrendering to the difficulty of keeping secrets in the Information Age. Is the philosophy then that if a show can't be live to just embrace fans knowing the endings of matches?

The alternative was WWE's attempt to increase hype for their Wednesday night show.


If that's the case then it shows a lack of understanding of wrestling fans. A Intercontinental championship match between Kofi and The Miz is intriguing.  The same match where we all know what's going to happen going in, not so much.

As either a way to promote their newest wrestling show or as a response to chatty Internet folks, it's an odd choice to tell us what happens before we see it.

It's reminiscent of NBC Sports' dilemma this summer with the London Olympics.

Time-zone issues and the free-flowing spread of information made it nearly impossible not to know who won what medals before we could watch the events on TV.

Some moments were still worth watching but weren't nearly as captivating as they would have been if the ending was still unknown.

It's impossible for WWE to keep the results of taped events hush-hush. Having Main Event go on live would be a financial strain and isn't likely to happen.

That might be the only option, though, unless WWE wants to keep telling us that Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze before anyone has watched the movie.