Baltimore Ravens: 25 Signs You're a Fan

Bleacher Report Senior Writer IMarch 11, 2009

  1. You've watched Death on Wings on YouTube at least 40 times.
  2. You get hyped up listening to Ray Lewis.
  3. You try to do Ray Lewis' pregame dance—and fail miserably.
  4. When in need of a laugh, you just say "Eddie George."
  5. You find Shannon Sharpe's enunciation of words comical.
  6. You like Brian Billick's stupid straw hat.
  7. Even though Rod Woodson was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Steeler, you swear he's a Raven and a Raven only.
  8. You're Wacko 4 Flacco.
  9. You find a 100-plus-yard INT return for a TD quite normal. In fact, it's expected.
  10. Kyle Boller is your least favorite quarterback.
  11. The name Elvis Grbac makes you want to burn your house down.
  12. For Joe Flacco, it's all in the unibrow.
  13. This is the only reason you still like Bart Scott.
  14. You believe Ozzie Newsome should be printed in money.
  15. When in search of another laugh, you just say Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, or Washinton Redskins.
  16. You laugh at how many times John Harbaugh says "football" during a press conference.
  17. You absolutely despise Terrell Owens.
  18. You've watched "Darkness There...Ray Lewis and Ed Reed" on YouTube many, many, many times.
  19. To you, Kimbo Slice is the second coming of Ray Lewis. Nothing more.
  20. When searching for yet another laugh, you just say "Sage Rosenfels" or 'Mark Brunell."
  21. Robert Irsay is the worst owner in sports history.
  22. You don't know Mike Singletary as a Hall of Fame Bears linebacker. You know him as a Ravens defensive coordinator.
  23. T.O. got what he deserved.
  24. You confuse a wall with Haloti Ngata.
  25. Steve McNair is a Raven, not Titan. Get it right!

PS: If you're a Steelers fan, just don't comment. I don't care about your Super Bowl victory. Be pompous and arrogant somewhere else.