Rainy Roundup: Obama League Baseball?

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Rainy Roundup: Obama League Baseball?
Hey y'all. I'm back. Didn't go anywhere, just haven't posted. My boy Hambone has been on my case recently so I figured I talk about some of the random shit I've seen over the last couple days. Although it's pretty depressing to look the window at cold rain and heavy traffic. Fortunately, I've been stuffed deep into Cubicle City with no view of either...

Figured I'd throw this funny one up there to kick things off. This dude decided to combine his love for Major League Baseball and U.S. politics. Cool shirts. Obama business strikes out

So apparently the story about Tiger Woods buying a ridiculous mansion in the Hamptons for $65 million yesterday is not true. Thank god. Because even though he could've bought that crib with a (big) duffle bag full of cash, he didn't, and kept a few less people from hating him. He's already got 2 'homes' in Florida and 1 in Dubai on his golf course. I'm anxiously awaiting the day he becomes the world's first athlete billionaire.

Yes, I missed a Monday morning post about how awesome Tiger is after winning at Bay Hill, but is he even human? Can't they test for something like that?

I'd stay outta his way. How many 66-year olds do you know who do mixed martial arts?

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