Power Ranking the 25 Highest Rated Wrestlers in WWE '13

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2012

Power Ranking the 25 Highest Rated Wrestlers in WWE '13

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    According to wrestlinginc.com, THQ has released the overall ratings for the WWE Superstars included in the soon-to-be-released WWE '13 video game.

    With added features such as Attitude Era Superstars, the game is sure to be one of the most popular in THQ's relationship with professional wrestling's top company.

    One of the more popular things to do is argue the ratings of individual superstars. Were they rated too high or were they rated appropriately?

    Here is a look at the top 25 rated superstars from today's roster. For an entire list of ratings, check out the embedded link from our friends over at wrestlinginc.com.

25. Jack Swagger

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    Rating: 87

    Ranking Jack Swagger at 25 may not be fair because there are, in fact, a number of competitors who made this list that share the same rating. With that said, Swagger ranks the lowest because he has clearly had the weakest year of anyone else in these rankings.

    What really has been a year of losing to bigger and better stars came to an abrupt halt when Swagger's on-screen persona announced he was taking a leave of absence to figure out how he could stop his downward momentum.

    Swagger possesses tremendous technical ability and a lethal ankle lock submission. Those are likely major factors in his overall rating.

24. Tensai

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    Rating: 87

    Clearly, the rating was handed out before Tensai became "just another guy" on the WWE roster.

    Tensai dominated early in his most recent WWE run, picking up wins over the likes of R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk. He seemed poised to main event a number of pay-per-views against the aforementioned Cena, but the crowd never really bought into him, and as a result, he has seen his push evaporate.

    Tensai is a massive man with dominating power and a ruthless mean streak that should make him one of the tougher Superstars to defeat in the new game.

23. Sin Cara

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    Rating: 87

    It is amazing that Sin Cara was able to sustain such a high rating considering a major knee injury that put him out of action for a while.

    He has yet to really impress on his own since returning, but has proven to be a competent tag team worker, as he and Rey Mysterio have recently formed a dynamic duo. While he still struggles to learn the WWE's trademark in-ring style, he remains popular with the younger audience, and the company still has seemingly high expectations for the Mexican Superstar.

    Sin Cara combines speed and a high-flying aerial assault to confuse and discombobulate opponents and keep them on their toes, making him a favorite wrestler to use against the larger, slower and stronger competitors in WWE '13.

22. R-Truth

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    Rating: 87

    A year ago, R-Truth was in the middle of the biggest push. One year later, he is coming off of a very successful tag team title run with Kofi Kingston and is one of many very popular mid-card stars for World Wrestling Entertainment. Entering the ring with the invisible "Little Jimmy" by his side, Truth has mixed it up with some of the sport's stop stars, including John Cena and Triple H.

    Truth is a flashy competitor who uses his own spin on traditional moves to captivate the audience. He has underrated power and is quicker than most give him credit for.

21. Kofi Kingston

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    Rating: 87

    One of WWE's most underrated yet most popular superstars rounds out the list of guys rated at 87.

    After a very impressive and successful tag title reign with R-Truth, Kofi Kingston has his eyes set on the Intercontinental Championship. A now four-time Intercontinental Champion, Kofi has always managed to be the guy that holds down the mid-card all the while building on his legacy as one of the more decorated stars in current-day sports-entertainment.

    Kofi, like his former partner R-Truth, is a flashy Superstar whose speed and high jump are unmatched in WWE. Always a safe choice in any of the WWE video games, Kofi should be a favorite of WWE '13's diehard fans.

20. Wade Barrett

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    Rating: 87

    The former leader of Nexus rates at 87 after a frustrating year that saw him injured just prior to WrestleMania 28, eliminating any chance he had to compete at the biggest show of the year. A confident and ruthless individual, Barrett has used his cunning to out-think and defeat a number of the top stars in the sport.

    Randy Orton and John Cena have both felt his wrath, and if his recent return to the company, edgier and more determined than ever, is any indication, there a still a number of stars that will know what it feels like to suffer the wrath of the Barrett Barrage.

    Barrett is a brawler in the purest sense of the word, never afraid to let his fists do his talking for him. The Wasteland is a devastating finisher, and couple that with his new one, The Souvenir, and you have a one-two punch that will have any WWE superstar shaking in his boots.

19. Ryback

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    Rating: 87

    The former Skip Sheffield arrives to WWE '13 sporting a high 87 rating and on the biggest roll of his career.

    The challenger to CM Punk's WWE Championship in 11 days at WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Ryback has destroyed any and all competition put in front of him. As he prepares for the title showdown, he is enjoying the loudest response from the audience to him yet and appears poised to become the breakout star of 2012.

    Ryback is all power, all of the time. He is physically imposing and would as soon as destroy an opponent as he would win a title. This dominating wrestler should be a safe bet against any superstar in the game.

18. Christian

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    Rating: 88

    Unfortunately for the former World Heavyweight Champion, Christian has found himself on the disabled list more than he has between the ropes over the last year. An ankle injury put him out of commission for the back-third of 2011, but he did manage to return at Over the Limit and capture the Intercontinental Championship from Cody Rhodes. He would lose that title to The Miz and disappear from the TV screen again, reportedly still suffering from nagging injuries.

    Christian is a smart, sly competitor who utilizes counter wrestling to defeat his opponents. His ability to absorb punishment is questionable, however, and gamers should be cautious about using him in matches against larger, more punishing opponents.

17. Cody Rhodes

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    Rating: 88

    Cody has had an interesting year since 2011's WWE video game release in that he has not reached the next level and has not quite broken out of the mid-card pack, but still remains one of the more solid competitors in the company. He enjoyed two Intercontinental Championship reigns and was featured in a singles bout for the title at this year's WrestleMania, the first time the Intercontinental title has been defended at the show since 2009.

    His recent pairing with Damien Sandow as "The Rhodes Scholars" should be interesting, and may even produce tag team gold.

    Cody is a technical-based wrestler who utilizes the offense he watched growing up and has worked them into fitting his in-ring style. The Cross Rhodes is a punishing neck breaker finisher. He may not hold up well against The Undertakers, Kanes and Big Shows of the world, but against like-superstars, he is a solid go-to guy.

16. The Miz

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    Rating: 88

    The Miz rebounded from a largely disappointing start to 2012 to win an Intercontinental Championship, star in a WWE Films production and regain his spot as the most annoying villain on WWE television. In between that, he has defeated Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes in a Fatal Four Way match (while blindfolded!) and has another victory over Mysterio in a singles bout at SummerSlam.

    With the debut of Miz TV, it appears as though the Cleveland native will continue to get on the nerves of the WWE universe for years to come.

    Miz utilizes the skull-crushing Finale as his finishing move, all the while setting it up with a number of intricate attacks that target the head and neck of his opponent. He has the skill to defeat top WWE superstars, but be warned if playing him against someone such as John Cena or Triple H.

15. Mark Henry

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    Rating: 89

    The only reason Mark Henry ranks as low as he does is because an ill-timed injury put a stop to the amazing momentum "the World's Strongest Man" built for himself in the fall of 2011. A former World Heavyweight Champion, Henry destroyed Randy Orton in two consecutive pay-per-views and had a number of hard-hitting matches with the Big Show.

    While sidelined for most of 2012, Henry remains a dominant force in WWE and will likely return to his destructive ways when he gets back on WWE television.

    Henry relies on power to overwhelm his opponents and is an ideal choice to face the biggest, most physical stars on the roster. Stamina is an issue, however, and matches with the likes of Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio or Kofi Kingston may prove to be problematic.

14. Alberto Del Rio

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    Rating: 89

    Has anyone ever been in a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match as many consecutive times as Del Rio has without gaining anything from it? Alberto has had a very impressive 12 months, competing for both the WWE and World titles on a number of occasions and consistently remaining at or near the main event level. Now in the midst of a rivalry with Randy Orton, that pattern does not appear to be in any jeopardy.

    Del Rio is a submission-based competitor with nearly every maneuver in his arsenal aimed at weakening an opponent's arm or shoulder in hopes of locking in his arm bar finisher, which can be utilized on any and all WWE superstars.

13. Dolph Ziggler

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    Rating: 89

    The 2012 Money in the Bank winner has become World Wrestling Entertainment's resident "Show Stealer." While his win-loss streak may be less than stellar, Ziggler has gained a reputation for being amongst the best in-ring workers in the sport today. With anticipation building, fans across the globe are left to wonder when the Show Off will finally cash in his guaranteed title shot and become the World Champion so many expect he can be.

    Dolph mixes a number of different styles into his arsenal, but relies heavily on a number of head and neck-related attacks to set up his Zig-Zag finisher.

12. Kane

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    Rating: 89

    "The Big Red Monster" returned to WWE after a short hiatus, his face once again hidden by a mask and his mean spirit back intact. He violently assaulted Zack Ryder, Randy Orton and John Cena for months before becoming an unlikely tag team champion with partner Daniel Bryan in one of the company's more wacky pairings.

    Currently helping to re-establish the tag team division and providing comedy gold on Monday nights, Kane continues to prove that his age cannot prevent him from performing at a high level.

    Kane is a sheer and utter force between the ropes, using his strength to dominate opposition. At seven-feet tall, few match his height, but there are Superstars stronger than him. Matches against Big Show, Undertaker, Mark Henry and even Ryback may prove challenging for WWE '13 gamers.

11. Rey Mysterio

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    Rating: 90

    Rey Mysterio is one of the more inconsistent superstars currently on the WWE roster. His in-ring work is always amongst the best in the business, but his injury history has resulted in him missing large chunks of time, and as a result, the company cannot rely on him to carry out long-running feuds.

    With that said, he still is one of the most popular stars on the roster and can serve as a mentor to younger stars, which he has been doing in recent weeks in teaming with Sin Cara.

    Rey blends a fast-paced, high-flying move set with a stiff, hard-hitting striking offense. No longer quite as elusive as he once was, Rey is still an elite in-ring performer. Just keep him away from the giants of the business.

10. Sheamus

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    Rating: 90

    One of the more surprising ratings in this year's game, the current World Heavyweight Champion rates only a 90, one less than the next Superstar on our list.

    Sheamus has been champion since April's WrestleMania and has retained his title in hard-fought matches against the likes of Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio. Next up, he faces the gargantuan Big Show, who looks to combat Sheamus' Brogue Kick with the KO punch.

    Few respect just how multi-faceted Sheamus is in that he has a number of different finishers to dispatch opponents with. The Celtic Cross, White Noise, the Brogue Kick and the Texas Clover Leaf are all legitimate match-ending maneuvers, proving the Celtic Warrior can match up favorably with any and all superstars.

9. Daniel Bryan

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    Rating: 91

    Daniel Bryan had a career-best year since last year's WWE '12 release. He has captured the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Tag Team Championship and has quickly become one of the most entertaining sports-entertainers on the planet. His "YES!" and "NO!" chants have allowed fans to become involved in the show, and his team with Kane is helping to legitimize the rebuilding tag division.

    Bryan is arguably the best technical wrestler in the world, and his No Lock is nearly inescapable. His hard-hitting, high-impact style will do damage to even the largest of opponents, but his ability (or lack thereof) to sustain damage to his own body may make him an easy target.

8. The Big Show

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    Rating: 92

    "The World's Largest Athlete" has quietly had a very productive 2012. An Intercontinental Championship reign helped him earn the Triple Crown achievement, while rivalries with John Cena, Sheamus, Mark Henry and CM Punk have helped him return to main event status. With a World Championship bout at Hell in a Cell just few days away, it remains to be seen if the giant can cap off a successful year with another major title reign.

    Big Show uses his size, strength and fury to his advantage. The Knockout Punch or the choke slam are sure to end any superstar's day, but like Mark Henry, faster superstars test his stamina and may leave him open to an upset.

7. Randy Orton

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    Rating: 92

    After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry last September, Orton has struggled to find the same success he enjoyed during the summer of 2011. With that said, he still remains one of the top stars in the industry and has proven that against the likes of Kane, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and World Champion Sheamus.

    Orton is a cold and calculating individual, an intelligent in-ring competitor that wastes no motion and uses every bit of his attack to weaken an opponent in anticipation of the deadly RKO finisher. Use often against any opponent.

6. Brock Lesnar

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    Rating: 92

    "The Next Big Thing" returned to WWE as the undisputed Big Thing, a world-renowned former UFC heavyweight champion. He immediately brought name recognition to a roster devoid of marquee names and has helped boost pay-per-view buy rates on two separate occasions. Matches with John Cena and Triple H were brutal, hard-hitting affairs that were different than anything fans of today's product are used to.

    Brock utilizes his strength, submission skill and amateur wrestling ability to compile what may be the most complete move-set in the business. His arm bar has left both Cena and Triple H writhing and screaming in pain, while the F5 finisher means lights-out for anyone that suffers at its hands.

5. The Rock

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    Rating: 93

    The winner of the WrestleMania 28 main event has wrestled only two matches in the past year: a tag team bout with John Cena against The Miz and R-Truth at Survivor Series and the aforementioned WrestleMania contest. In both, he looked good, if not rusty, and managed to pick up victories in both. An impending bout with the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble has fans circling the dates on their calendars.

    The Rock does no one thing excellently, but he does a lot very well. Stunning opponents with strikes and using strong, high-impact maneuvers such as the spine buster, DDT and his Rock Bottom finisher to ground his opponents. The People's Elbow is a crowd favorite, while the Sharpshooter is there for the using if necessary.

4. The Undertaker

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    Rating: 93

    The most respected man in the WWE locker room, The Undertaker remains one of the highest rated stars in the WWE game. After competing in only one match this year, the "Dead Man" ran his streak to 20 straight victories at WrestleMania, defeating Triple H inside Hell in a Cell. While he is unlikely to ever appear on a consistent basis again, the legacy of the Dead Man alone earns him a high ranking in every game in which he appears.

    The Undertaker is a striker at heart, but has shown an ability to introduce MMA submissions into his arsenal, the Hell's Gate submission being one of the more well-known ones. The Tombstone and chokeslam remain valuable and effective finishers, but the submission hold is a better choice for larger opposition.

3. Triple H

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    Rating: 93

    "The Game" has only competed in a handful of matches since last October, but the ones in which he did, he re-established his reputation as one of the all-time greats inside the squared circle. With that said, his win-loss record has not been great, a fact that can be made up for by tremendous matches. His ladder match with Kevin Nash at TLC was better than it had any right to be, and the Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 28 against The Undertaker was a "Match of the Year" candidate.

    Triple H is a ring technician, utilizing everything that worked for the stars of 1980's NWA and giving it enough modern edge to keep it interesting. As good as he is from a pure wrestling standpoint, he is also a phenomenal brawler who can match up well against the roughest and toughest the business has to offer. A complete performer.

2. CM Punk

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    Rating: 95

    The WWE '13 cover boy has been the WWE Champion for almost the entire time since last year's game released. He has defeated every challenger put in front of him and has proven to be an invaluable asset to World Wrestling Entertainment. With wins over The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena and The Big Show, Punk has proven himself an elite star both in and out of the ring.

    Punk is a wrestler's wrestler, the type that can work any match, any style because he is a student of the game and will adjust to make himself better. A striker who uses kicks and weaken the base of his opponent, Punk utilizes high-flying assaults (springboard clothesline; top-rope elbow drop) as well as submissions (Anaconda Vise) to defeat his opponent. The Go-To-Sleep remains a vicious finisher.

1. John Cena

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    Rating: 96

    Are you really surprised?

    John Cena completed another year as the face of World Wrestling Entertainment, competing against the likes of The Rock and Brock Lesnar in must-see main events while also ridding the company of evil, power-hungry "vice president of talent relations and general manager of Raw" John Laurinaitis. He vanquished the Big Show and Kane and has once again set his sights on the WWE title.

    An ill-timed injury has momentarily sidelined him, but he will be back at work, fighting harder than ever to regain his title sooner than later.

    Cena is a no-nonsense, ugly wrestler whose move set is not pretty but is effective. He uses his unbridled power to pound his opponents. The Attitude Adjustment remains his signature move, but in recent years, the STF has become a consistent, match-ending submission hold.