WWE: Has Brock Lesnar Lost His Momentum with His Absence from TV?

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIOctober 17, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Brock Lesnar is back—er...was back. Lesnar was the Next Big Thing...again. After his intermittent appearances and a few long periods of no Brock, his momentum and "pop," in my humble opinion, is gone. 

Brock Lesnar returned in all his giant, terrifying glory on the Raw after WrestleMania last spring. Even though a fair number of the Internet wrestling fanbase had a sneaking suspicion that the Superstar formerly known as "The Next Big Thing" would return, it was still pretty awesome. 

Even for the fans who knew it was coming, seeing Lesnar heave Super Cena up for the F-5 was awesome (sorry Miz). After Lesnar's first appearance, we began to get a sense of things to come. Lesnar showed up every few weeks to keep his feud rolling against John Cena, including a disastrous promo that put Lesnar and John Laurinaitis in the ring...together...talking. It was rough. 

From there on, Triple H sneaked his nose into Lesnar's business after Lesnar lost to John Cena at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. After Lesnar broke H's arm for the 6,000th time at SummerSlam, the "butt-kicker" touted that he was done for good. 

Since touting the news to the WWE Universe that they would no longer be graced by his presence, Lesnar hasn't shown up or made a peep. 

Now, going into this we knew what we were getting. Lesnar signed a one-year contract with limited appearances on TV. We knew we wouldn't get to see him all that often, but this is crazy! But hey, at least the WWE brought Heyman back to help make what looks like an awesome video game and to speak on Lesnar's behalf. 

But now Heyman has found a new partner in WWE Champion CM Punk, and Lesnar hasn't said or done anything for weeks. While the WWE will tell you that Lesnar has "walked away from the business" again, I think we can all agree that they signed him to a year-long contract for a reason. 

So, assuming that Lesnar will return again (my money is on the Hell in a Cell PPV), will he have the momentum he had going after beating Triple H? No...well, mostly no. If Lesnar comes running down to "Satan's Structure" to throw blows with people, it will get a huge pop with the crowd, but it'll be hard to get too excited because we know we won't see him for another few months after one or two appearances centered around the big PPVs. 

Now, addressing the "well, mostly no" caveat. If Lesnar does return and it's done the right way, he could get all of that momentum he had back in a minute. 

Imagine if you will that Punk and Ryback are in the cell going toe-to-toe. Ryback has the upper hand. No way. Is Ryback about to win the title? He's so new, and Punk has had it for over 300 days! Then: "BWAHoohWAHoohWAH" (the beginning of Brock's music...duh). Brock runs down, helps his buddy, Punk, and joins Punk and Heyman as one happy "Heyman Guy" family. This could keep Brock's momentum because while he wouldn't necessarily be on TV every week, his team would. 

So in conclusion, has Brock Lesnar lost his momentum in his absence? Yes (imagine D-Bry popping up on the bottom of the screen yelling, "No!"...just for flavor). But can Brock regain that momentum? Yes (again, imagine Goat Face). How can he do it? Show up at Hell in a Cell and attach himself to Punk and Heyman so we have at least something to relate to him on the screen every week so it doesn't feel as empty as it has after his other short returns this year. 

Lesnar's on-and-off schedule has taken away from how awesome this dude is in the business, but it certainly doesn't mean he can't get it going to finish out his year back in the ring. Keep your eyes and ears open for The Next Big Thing at Hell in a Cell, and throughout the year. Who knows, maybe Lesnar is saving most of his appearances for later and we can't get too mad for not seeing him...he is technically gone from the business.