Alex Rodriguez's Game 1 Crush Is Australian Bikini Model Kyna Treacy

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 17, 2012

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

We finally have some closure on the silliest scandal to hit any American League Championship Series. 

The New York Post (h/t The Daily Mail) reports the mystery woman in the stands is no mystery at all, because they have a name and profession for her. 

The lady is (drum roll) Australian bikini model and designer Kyna Treacy. 

I know this crazy conundrum was just sitting there, weighing on your mind like some elephant-sized mystery.

Thankfully, the pain is now alleviated and you can use the extra brain power for something useful, like figuring out how much of the millions Alex Rodriguez is being paid he actually earns. 

As for Treacy, the report issues she is the one that received some baseballs from A-Rod during Game 1, allegedly asking for her number.

The New York Post has more on this marvelous mystery. 

Treacy — a sexy catwalker who started her own swimwear line, Kini Bikini, which specializes in tiny crocheted suits — was sitting two rows behind the dugout with pretty pal Kate Quinn, friends of the women told The Post. Both Aussies currently live in the city, one pal said.

The report issues Treacy is 33 years old, but the model has since taken to Twitter to dispel that notion rather quickly.

Ha I am 27 not 33!!!!

— Kyna Treacy (@kinibikini) October 17, 2012

The 27-year-old is a former Bondi Beach girl and former spokesmodel for Yellowglen Bubbly. The report also issues she dated Australian TV personality James Tobin back in 2010. 

As for the other woman in A-Rod's life. You know, his girlfriend Torrie Wilson?

She took to Twitter to scoff at the emerging scandal.

Gotta love the gossip mills. It's amazing how ppl get their kicks, huh?

— Torrie Wilson (@Torrie11) October 17, 2012

As Rodriguez continues to ride the pine, we have to get our kicks somewhere. 

For Yankees fans, the seats may be expensive behind the dugout, but at least you have a real shot at becoming famous by just sitting there. 


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