The Coin Flip Bracket

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IMarch 19, 2008


It’s after midnight now, and the roommates and I decided to try something random: What if we flip a coin for every game and match that up with everyone else’s picks?

I run a pool every year, so I’m anxiously awaiting to mock whoever gets beat by this freak of nature. Yes, that’s GEORGE MASON you see winning the national title over everyone’s pick: Brigham Young. I promise you, everything on that sheet is on the up and up. At least Stanford is a possibility for the Final Four.

In case you’re squinting, note that UCLA was the only 1 seed to win a game—they were promptly ousted by Plaisted and the Cougars. Love that Davidson-to-the-Sweet 16 sleeper pick, though.

(That crummy writing in the Midwest region was because I was flipping the coin and Dave’s got the handwriting of an eight-year-old.)