4 Candidates Who Could Replace Jason Garrett for the Dallas Cowboys

Jonathan Barger@@jonathanbargerContributor IOctober 18, 2012

4 Candidates Who Could Replace Jason Garrett for the Dallas Cowboys

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    The Dallas Cowboys sit at the bottom of the NFC East this week with a 2-3 record.

    Having to face a run of tough rushing defenses didn't allow head coach Jason Garrett to put forward the power running team that he envisioned.  

    If the losses continue and no progress is shown, he may be on the hot seat. Let's take a look at some possible replacements.

Nick Saban

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    In the past three years, Nick Saban has lifted two BCS Championship trophies.

    His players out of the University of Alabama are some of the best coached, and it shows on draft day. In the 2012 NFL draft, the Alabama Crimson Tide had five players go in the top 35 selections, more than any other college football program.  

    This year, Saban and his Crimson Tide are currently ranked No. 1 in the BCS standings

    Several former college coaches have recently had runs with success moving from NCAA coaching to the NFL.

    Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll are two coaches that come to mind who have made successful transitions. Harbaugh had an almost fairytale season last year and would have gone to the Super Bowl if it wasn't for punt returner Kyle Williams.

    Saban has an excellent chance to take his team to at least a BCS bowl, if not the BCS Championship, and would be an excellent head coach in the NFL.

Bill Cowher

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    If discipline is what you believe the Dallas Cowboys lack, then look no further than bringing the "Cowher Scour" to Dallas.  

    Known for his tough defenses, hard-nosed attitude and terrifying glare, Bill Cowher could be just what the Cowboys need to consistently have them competing in the playoffs.  

    The downside is that Cowher likely wouldn't want to come to Dallas unless he runs the show. There would be inevitable personality conflicts between him and Jerry Jones.  

    But if Jerry is desperate enough to get rid of Jason Garrett, it might be time to become the "hands-off" owner that many are clamoring for him to be.

    Another downside to hiring Cowher is that no head coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. In 2005, Cowher got his Super Bowl ring, and statistics show he will never get Jones and the Cowboys that elusive fourth ring.

Count von Count

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    The Count would not have any issues with game clock management. He would be able to correctly count the amount of time left and call appropriate plays that give the Dallas Cowboys the best chance to get Dan Bailey an easier kick.  

    The Count would also be able to count that 13 penalties is way too many in a game and find a measure to fix the issue.

    Jason Garrett has referees in practice, but obviously it's not working. Cutting playing time, docking the pocket book or physical punishment such as "up-downs" or push-ups will suffice.  

Steve Spagnuolo

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    Steve Spagnuolo had a rough stint with the St. Louis Rams, and I don't believe he had enough talent to be competitive.

    With the intangibles to be a head coach and the experience in the position, I believe he could be a valuable asset. He could assist Rob Ryan with the defense and place Jason Garrett back in his offensive coordinator position, where he's better suited.  

    Garrett preaches accountability, but there is no fire about him. Just looking at the photo shown here is a small example of the fire that Spagnuolo coaches with, similar to Ryan.  

    His history as a defensive backs and linebacker coach will only solidify what has the potential to be the best secondary in the NFL.