4 Realistic Moves That the Houston Texans Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

Matt GoldsteinContributor IIOctober 16, 2012

4 Realistic Moves That the Houston Texans Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

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    As the NFL moves closer and closer to the trade deadline, many NFL general managers must begin to ponder how they can improve their football teams.

    The 5-1 Houston Texans are included in this category.

    After their Week 5 beatdown delivered by the Green Bay Packers, it has now become apparent that the Texans are not a perfect football team. They are weak at several positions, and these weaknesses will continue to plague them in the future.

    Fortunately for the Texans, there are several possible ways to drastically reduce those burdening weaknesses through trading.

    Included in this article are three realistic trades that could certainly go down, and one trade that is a huge blockbuster but unlikely to take place.

    Check them out.

Justin Forsett to Arizona Cardinals for Late-Round Draft Pick

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    Every year it seems that at least one great player emerges out of one of the later rounds in the NFL draft.

    This year it has been Alferd Morris so far. In previous years, Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, Marques Colston and Shannon Sharpe come to mind.

    By that logic, teams should never take late-round draft picks too lightly, and they should actually value them pretty highly. 

    The Texans could get one by shipping Justin Forsett over to the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are really hurting right now at the running back position, and Forsett is a guy that can come in and consistently produce.

    The Texans, however, being that they are a run-first football team, cannot trade Forsett without having a capable third-string running back to take over his job.

    Davin Meggett could be that guy for the Texans. He is a bruiser of a running back, and, like Forsett, he had a very solid preseason. 

    I believe the Texans should consider doing this trade.

Kevin Walter and a Fourth-Round Draft Pick for Sidney Rice

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    While I am not sure just how much an individual NFL player is worth in terms of draft picks, I am pretty sure this deal works well for both sides.

    In Sidney Rice, the Texans get a deep-play receiving threat who can be the field stretcher that the Texans have been lacking in recent weeks. Aside from Andre Johnson, who has not quite been himself yet this season, the Texans do not have a receiver who can stretch the field.

    Due to this, safeties have been able to creep up, which enables them to both cover short passes and the run much more effectively.

    Rice can change all of that. Opposing safeties would have to back up, and suddenly Arian Foster might find a lot more running room.

    For the Seattle Seahawks, their wants and needs are fulfilled in this deal as well. In Kevin Walter, the Seahawks get a player who can consistently get open for their young, inexperienced quarterback. Walter is a pro at running short, crisp routes, and that might have Russell Wilson looking his way often.

    The Seahawks also want to become contenders, and there is no better way to improve one's football team than by building through the draft.

    This is a deal that can benefit both sides.

Roc Carmichael and a 7th-Round Draft Pick for Kelvin Sheppard

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    The Buffalo Bills' secondary is struggling greatly right now, and the Texans are noticeable weak at the inside linebacker position after the Brian Cushing injury.

    Kelvin Sheppard is a young player with a lot of potential who just has not quite played up to it so far in his short career in the NFL. He can, however, be a more than capable starter in the NFL in the future.

    Even when Cushing returns from his injury next season, the Texans will still likely be weak at inside linebacker. The most probable starter for next season is likely to be the oft-injured Darryl Sharpton. Sheppard can be the Texans' starter of the future.

    For the Bills, this deal makes sense because of their secondary woes. I mean, when Mark Sanchez tears your defensive backfield apart, you know there's an issue.

    Roc Carmichael is a young cornerback who has a lot of potential, and the rebuilding Bills can always use more draft picks.

Connor Barwin and a Late-Round Draft Pick for Mike Wallace

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    Here is the blockbuster. It's a deal that benefits both teams, but highly unlike to take place, anyways. Regardless, here's why both the Steelers and Texans should consider doing this trade.

    As mentioned before, the Texans desperately need a deep-threat wide receiver. Mike Wallace is the ultimate definition of a receiver with huge playmaking potential.

    He has the ability to catch an 80-yard touchdown at any point in any game due to his terrific speed, and he is the receiver that the Texans dearly need.

    In return, the Steelers would be receiving a premium pass-rusher who could alleviate the Steelers' issues at the outside linebacker this season. Both of their starting outside linebackers are currently injured, and if the Steelers want to make the playoffs this season, acquiring a young, premium pass-rusher might just do it for them.

    I'm a fan of this deal. What do you guys think?