3 Reasons the New England Patriots Can Light Up the New York Jets' Defense

Alex BaconCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2012

3 Reasons the New England Patriots Can Light Up the New York Jets' Defense

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    After a tough Week 6 loss, the New England Patriots will return home and attempt to keep a record of over .500. They will match up against a New York Jets team whose defense has been struggling as of late.

    The Jets, who are also trying to preserve a .500 record, haven’t been playing great football thus far this season.

    Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez have been the main concern of Jets fans and the coaching staff, which means the defensive problems have been overlooked.

    Aside from last week, against the Indianapolis Colts, the Jets have not allowed less than 20 points in a game.

    They have also been without Darrelle Revis, which greatly affects their passing defense, but their running defense has been struggling more.

    Since the Patriots have an outstanding running and passing game, they will be able to mix it up and keep the Jets guessing.

    Tom Brady and company will exploit parts of the Jets’ defense and light them up.

No Darrelle Revis

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    Missing Darelle Revis has been crucial to the Jets so far, and it will continue to be devastating to the defense for the rest of the season. The Jets need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, though, and move on without the elite cornerback.

    Without Revis, the Jets have a huge hole in their passing defense.

    Tom Brady, one of the most precise passers in the league, will have no problem hitting receivers all game.

    With Revis out, Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie will have their hands full at the cornerback position. They will be responsible for keeping Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd from getting the ball.

    The Jets' defense against the pass hasn’t been terrible without Revis, but when they play Tom Brady, in New England, problems may arise.

Tom Brady and Wes Welker

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    One of the best quarterback receiver combinations in the game will have no problem walking all over a Jets defense without Revis.

    Brady’s numbers this year have been outstanding. He is averaging 307.5 yards per game and has thrown 10 touchdowns. He also leads the league with 1,845 total passing yards.

    Although Brady and the Patriots are coming off a loss in Week 6, Brady still had a season high of 395 passing yards in the game. His downside was that he threw two interceptions. These were only his second and third interceptions of the year.

    Last week's two interceptions will not repeat themselves against the Jets' defense.

    Brady will be hitting Wes Welker all game, who also is coming off of one his best offensive performances of the season.

    Welker caught for 138 yards and one touchdown. Last week was the fourth week in a row Welker had over 100 yards, and the second week in a row he had over 10 catches.

    This was all against a Seattle Seahawks team whose defense has been playing well all season long.

    Add in Robert Gronkowski and Brandon Lloyd as options for Brady, too, and the Patriots’ passing game will dominate the Jets.

Jets' Poor Rush Defense

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    It’s no secret that the Jets have one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL. They have allowed the second-most rushing yards this season to the Buffalo Bills.

    To make matters worse in Week 7, the Patriots’ rushing game has been exceptional this season.

    The Patriots are fourth in the league in total rushing yards with 914.

    This is mostly thanks to Stevan Ridley, who is in his second year in the NFL. He has already surpassed his carries total, yards total and touchdown total from last season.

    Ridley did not get many chances to run the ball last week simply because the Patriots' passing game was doing so well. This upcoming week will be different, though.

    Last week, he only had 16 carries, but the two previous weeks, he had over 20 carries and over 100 yards each time. Expect him to get about 20 to 30 this week.

    If Ridley does have an off game, backup Brandon Bolden is more than capable of carrying the workload.

    The rookie running back already has two touchdowns and has broken 100 yards once this season.

    Ridley and Bolden are an underrated and unknown duo because they are so young. The tandem will run all over the Jets' defense in Week 7, though, and continue to anchor the Patriots' rushing game like they have all season long.