Top 5 WWE Superstars It's Okay to Like

Max TowleAnalyst IOctober 16, 2012

Top 5 WWE Superstars It's Okay to Like

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    The online wrestling community can be a haven at times for fans—a place to gather and share the love of the sport and the entertainment.

    At other times, opinions can be ridiculed and positions staunchly defended.

    Surely it's this fiery nature that draws people in—after all, what's wrong with having a real passion for something?

    In terms of favourite WWE wrestlers, there are some that are unfashionable—John Cena, Sheamus, Brodus Clay. You could even add CM Punk to that list now, unthinkable a little under a year ago.

    There are some guys it's still okay to like—here are the top five:

    As always, this list is intended to spark debate, rather than end it.

5. Wade Barrett

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    Waiting in the wings for an opportunity, Wade Barrett may not look like the cookie-cutter star, but he has all the makings of one of the WWE's most memorable heels.

    The former bare-knuckle boxer's violent past suggests that the tough exterior is by no means an act.

    He's underrated on the mic too—the rough English accent possesses more personality than much of the roster.

    A man yet to be fully given the spotlight, Barrett has fans hoping his under-the-radar coolness is not ruined by the push that is certain to happen somewhere down the line.

4. Dolph Ziggler

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    It's no coincidence that Dolph Ziggler, another Superstar on the verge of bigger and better things, makes this list—the idea of a guy working hard and paying his dues is an attractive one to many.

    But Dolph, like Barrett, is not only deserving of a decent title run, he's capable of one day carrying the SmackDown brand on his back.

    One of the best "sellers" the business has ever seen, The Show Off is electric in the ring, always putting on a cracking match when given the chance.

    Comparisons with Shawn Michaels are deserved—Ziggler can be a legend if all goes well.

3. Kane

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    "Kane had been talking to me about how he's been there since 1996 and he's had a 16-year run and how he's a bit banged up from years of his big, physical style."

    "Here's a guy who realized he could no longer do the stuff he was known for back in the Attitude Era, so he brought some levity and laughs to the character. The anger management skit where he broke down his entire career was brilliant"

    Such were the words of Mick Foley, in a recent interview with ESPN (h/t Wrestling Inc).

    Foley's words sum up the Big Red Machine perfectly—Kane has been wrestling regularly in the WWE as long as anyone, and could perhaps consider himself a little unlucky to not have been given the breaks he deserves.

    His current character evolution has given a fresh lease on life to one of the most quietly dedicated men in the business.


2. Christian

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    Christian may not be as charismatic as many in the WWE, but that doesn't mean he's not one of the most likeable guys there is.

    From his early days stealing the show with Edge in the tag team division to brief runs as World Heavyweight Champion, he is a lock for the Hall of Fame whenever he chooses to retire.

    The fact that he spent a brief spell with rival company TNA does little to diminish his legacy.

    It rather made many WWE fans appreciate what they had when he made his return to the company where he made his name.

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan satisfies both aspects of the WWE Universe.

    His sensational "underground" past wrestling the independent circuits and making a name for himself as one the best technical wrestlers there is satisfies the more hardcore fan.

    His more recent catchphrase-driven humorous character satisfies the more mainstream fan.

    He looks and wrestles against type, but that only makes him more likeable.

    He is like us, a common fan. But that's if the common fan could pull off a perfectly executed Mexican Surfboard submission move, that is.

    Who on the current WWE roster do you think it's OK to like? Are any of the inclusions on this list poorly chosen?

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