Eric Decker's Girlfriend Jessie James Jokes About 3rd Leg, Heals All Wounds

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 16, 2012

Photo Credit: WJON
Photo Credit: WJON

Eric Decker stumbled, fell and was subsequently made fun of by NFL fans. Don't worry, because his girlfriend Jessie James has his back. 

She pretty much delivered the best pick-me-up in history, and guaranteed all the laughing stops here and now. 

On Monday night, with the Broncos trailing 10-0 to the Chargers, Peyton Manning connected on a toss to receiver Eric Decker. 

It looked like Decker would be well on his way to an 85-yard touchdown. Instead, he tripped and fell to the turf, a humbled heap on the Qualcomm Stadium turf. 

You could almost hear the laughter across the nation. 

Decker's girlfriend and sultry country singer, Jessie James, tweeted an end to the madness.

What do u expect? He has 3 of them RT @dtru184: @ericdecker87 is having to much sex with @thejessicajames #weaklegs

— Jessie Rose James (@TheJessicaJames) October 16, 2012


You can point and laugh all you want, but James just reminded the world that Decker is dating an extremely hot lady and that he is also very much well endowed. 

The fact that Decker is laughing at himself as well only further erases the memory of Decker failing on such a grand scale. 

Here is what the Broncos' receiver had to tweet.

If yall didn't see, they had trip wire out there tonight. I reported it to the NFL so an investigation is pending. #humblingmoment

— Eric Decker (@EricDecker87) October 16, 2012

It is now impossible to make fun of Decker's little tumble on national TV, all thanks to his hot girlfriend who did her main man a solid. 

Jessie James can now add huge life saver to her resume. 

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