Debate: Does Sonnen Stand Any Chance Against Jones?

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Debate: Does Sonnen Stand Any Chance Against Jones?

The news came in today that Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones will be coaches on the next Ultimate Fighter. The two will square off on April 27, 2013.

The question on everyone's mind is this: does Sonnen have any chance at taking down Jones?


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Chael's chance comes in getting deep under Jones skin during the filming of TUF. He's going to have all the time in the world to carve deep into Jones...
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Jones is not a younger bigger version of Silva. Their fighting styles are way different. Jones is not even close to Silva's striking savantry. He's a ...
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Does he have "ANY" chance? Of course. This is a crazy sport with 4oz gloves. To say he does not have "any" chance is a bit ludicrous.
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A pillow fisted, one dimensional, blown up MW against the most athletic freak of nature in the history of the sport. Yeah, Sonnen has a chance, just ...
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Jones will destroy Sonnen in the ring. But Sonnen will tear Jones a new asshole on the show. He will humiliate and destroy him verbally. Should be ...
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None, not even a puncher's chance since Chael isn't a knockout artist. Jones is a younger, bigger version of Anderson Silva except he's got a wrestli...
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