The Strangest Athletes' Kids Names

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The Strangest Athletes' Kids Names

Children have always kind of been the little experiments of those mad scientists we more commonly call "parents," but it seems that this whole concept has been taken to another level during the past few decades.

Kids are always in some measure a reflection of those it made them happen--mom and/or dad dictate what they wear, what they eat, where they go to school—but just as Cool Ranch Dorito's lost their once rebellious edge to flavors spelled with giant X's—modern children have morphed into living reflections of a parent's (or parents') possibly dying hopes, dreams...and more distressingly...insulated egomania. 

While admittedly this is a mostly melodramatic take on parenting that rarely is seen to such extremes in your average, everyday families, the rich and famous are an exception. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the names given to the children of the super elite—athletes included.

Whereas Cato would have been a head-slapper 20 years ago, it's a trending baby name in 2012. Thanks a lot, "Hunger Games." But that's a name that makes you say, "Ugh.." rather than "WTF."

Don't worry some of the biggest names in sports have said, "I'll see your Cato, and raise you Kradence Clover."

These are the 30 Strangest Athletes' Kids Names.

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