Philadelphia Eagles Fire Juan Castillo; Peter Principle Safe for Now

Josh FriedmanContributor IIIOctober 16, 2012

Former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.
Former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

The Juan Castillo experiment is over.

As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles fired the successful offensive line coach-turned inept defensive coordinator on Tuesday after the defense gave up a game-winning drive against Pittsburgh two weeks ago and blew a 10-point lead late in regulation on Sunday against Detroit. These failures conjured up memories of the five fourth-quarter leads the team blew last season

Call Castillo a victim of the Peter Principle, which argues that, "people tend to be promoted up to their level of incompetence" and that, "the cream rises until it sours."

Think of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott character on The Office. He was a successful paper salesman, which got him promoted to a position—office manager—that he was ill-suited to assume.

Similarly, Castillo was the Eagles' offensive line coach from 1998-2010. He did a good job with Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan and Shawn Andrews. They opened holes for Duce Staley and Brian Westbrook and gave Donovan McNabb time to find his mostly mediocre wide receivers.

Unfortunately for Eagles' fans, head coach Andy Reid promoted Castillo to defensive coordinator after firing Sean McDermott following the 2010 season. Many people wondered about the wisdom of such an unconventional move.

Many people were right.

Perhaps Reid feels pressure to do something since Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said before the season that another 8-8 season will not be enough to save Reid's job. It doesn't help that with the bye coming up, no Phillies playoff games, no Flyers games and Andrew Bynum on the shelf, there is nothing to chew on for two full weeks. The bad taste from the Detroit defeat will linger.

So Castillo gets the axe, not the person who promoted him (this writer predicted the scapegoating of Castillo in March). Todd Bowles is now the third defensive coordinator that Reid has hired since the passing of the beloved and legendary Jim Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Eagles offensive line is a sieve. Quarterback Michael Vick has been sacked 17 times in six games and has been knocked down on seemingly every pass play. The unit's coach, Howard Mudd, spent 10 successful seasons as the offensive line coach in IndianapolisPeyton Manning trumps the Peter Principle any day of the week, especially on Sunday.