Former WWE Star Goldust Posts Video Promo for Upcoming Match

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 16, 2012

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To promote an upcoming match against Chance Prophet, Dustin Runnels aka Goldust posted a video promo on

Dressed in an Under Armour shirt and a mask made to look like his trademark facepaint, Runnels sent a direct message of aggression to his opponent. See it here.

Prophet vs. Goldust is the main event for IWA East Coast's "All That Glitters" on October 27 at Kings Way Outreach Center in Nitro, W. Va.

The Golden One meets The Dark Child.

Prophet is a multi-time champion in various NWA promotions. His face-painted character comes off as a disturbing blend of Johnny Cash and Heath Ledger's Joker.

In a video directed at Runnels, Prophet said, "Legends are meant for nothing more than to be toppled."

Runnels is best known for his work in WWE as the bizarre, sensual enigma known as Goldust as well as being Dusty Rhodes' eldest son.

Clearly this is not a WWE-sized event, but Runnels is doing his best to promote the match via the Internet.

At 43, he won't be wrestling at the level that he did in the late '90s, but this promo is proof that he can still deliver a high-level performance on the mic—low production value or not.

In the video, he says to West Virginia fans about Prophet, "You tell him I'm coming and you tell him hell's coming with me."

He evokes memories of his past Goldust promos, speaking quietly, hissing and giving off an aura of darkness. 

Runnels also says, "You will see that not only legends live forever, but I'm in my prime, boy." While a great line for their storyline, no one is expecting Goldust to be in his prime.

It will be a small-time, intimate event with a relative unknown facing a former WWE star making a novelty appearance. No one is expecting Dave Meltzer to hand out five stars.

Kudos to Prophet and Runnels for utilizing the Internet to increase the match's entertainment value.

Years ago, a match like this would have little to no chance of fans outside of West Virginia hearing about it. Prophet and Runnels are playing this as if it were a bigger stage, as if they believed their own whispered hyperbole.

Fans in or near Nitro, W. Va., will be the benefactors.