Ryback: Why a Hell in a Cell Victory Is a Win for Brock Lesnar and the Rock

David LevinSenior Writer IIOctober 17, 2012


Even before the ink started to dry on the contract that Ryback signed for his shot at the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell against CM Punk, the wheels had already begun spinning in my head.

Sometimes the hamsters have to work overtime, but the outcome from their effort may prove to be prophetic in this instance.

Now that the WWE’s newest “hot commodity” is set to capture the WWE Title and possibly take the company on another path toward greatness (I’m still not sold on it), I would love to throw another scenario out there about Vince McMahon’s thinking for the long haul.

Enter Brock Lesnar and The Rock.

Could Ryback taking the strap from CM Punk in two weeks lead to two of the biggest superstars in WWE history locking horns? You bet it can. It’s not as far-fetched as you might think and in the long run, it will create more buzz for the company and put a smile on Vinnie Mac’s face.

Here’s the method to my madness.

What if Ryback faces CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, beats the champion and then (like after WrestleMania) Brock Lesnar appears form the back to attack the big freak? It adds another body to Paul Heyman’s stable and creates more drama for the WWE, as it needs another big named star to help keep things interesting.

The showdown is then set for Lesnar and Ryback to feud, which we all want to see and have been asking for. Lesnar claims the WWE Title and at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar and The Rock face off, which The Rock wins, take the WWE Title and a rematch is set for WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey.

It’s simple, but still pretty darn effective.

Lately, the WWE has lacked fire power and star power. This is why someone like Vince McMahon can re-enter the scene and come off as big a star as the wrestlers he employs. The Rock announced earlier this year that he would face the WWE Champion at The Royal Rumble next year, confronted CM Punk, was put to sleep and nothing was made of it after a week or so.

Brock Lesnar agrees to fight Triple H at SummerSlam, breaks the COO’s arm again and then “retires” from the business?

Let’s just face it—the WWE needs these two superstars. The only bad thing I see coming of this is Ryback being sacrificed in all this as the person bridging the gap for this to happen. Hopefully, Ryback will have worked enough and become a star that can withstand the “loss” and then challenge again for the title at a later time.

It would be foolish for McMahon to waste this kid’s talents like he has with other WWE wrestlers (that is another article in itself).

If the WWE really wants to show it can create the kind of drama that it used to, then by all means use this kind of plot line and run with it. If not, it proves the creative people behind the company don’t have a clue what is going on. While Ryback will be a great “get” as the WWE Champion, McMahon and his creative minions must not ruin what could be a good thing moving forward.

And in the process, they must get to Lesnar and The Rock if they truly want to give the fans what they have wanted to see.