Jay Cutler's Destiny: Why He Should Go to the Minnesota Vikings

Tim YoungContributor IMarch 11, 2009

Here's a quick list of why Jay would be great in Minnesota.

8.) The Vikings are a Super Bowl ready team. The ideal situation for any QB to step into.

7.) He looks like he could be Norwegian...well, maybe.

6.) Mile High Stadium: Who wants to play in a stadium that gives you a bloody nose?

5.) Denver can't be trusted: Recently the Broncos got caught trying to deal him out for backup QB Matt Cassel.

4.) Jay and AP would photograph well together.

3.) Denver has no love: On South Park, the TV show (that takes place in Colorado), the kids run into Jay and Stan says, "Hey it's Jay Cutler quarterback of the Denver Broncos. I think you suck, but My Dad said you might be good one day."

No love Jay, no love.

2.) Jay has experience working with mentally challenged people through Vanderbilt's "Best Buddies" program, so he should be able to easily handle Brad Childress and his play calling.

1.) I am not homosexual, but I have no problem saying that Jay would look great in a pair of tight purple pants!