UFC 153 Results: Power Ranking the Performances from Saturday Night

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2012

UFC 153 Results: Power Ranking the Performances from Saturday Night

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    UFC 153 has come and gone. The event held at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil delivered an action-packed night of fights.

    Anderson Silva continued to showcase his incredible skills with a first round humiliation of Stephan Bonnar in the main event.

    In the co-main event of the evening Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira returned from injury to get a submission win over Dave Herman.

    Twelve fights in total went down in Rio. This is how the 24 fighters stacked up to one another at UFC 153.

Fabio Maldonado

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    Maldonado landed one solid punch in the bout, but it had more to do with Teixeira's defense than Maldonado's boxing. Nonetheless, it connected and rocked Teixeira.

    With that one bright spot aside, he was brutalized in this fight. The referee, the ringside physician, and his corner should all be ashamed they let the fight continue for as long as it did.

    Teixeira battered Maldonado. It was ugly.

    Maldonado had no business being in the cage with Teixeira at UFC 153. He is not on that level, and it showed on his face following the beating.

Luiz Cane

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    Luiz Cane continues to struggle to defend strikes from a southpaw.

    Camozzi controlled the pace of the fight from the outset. Cane would try to get some quality offense in, but that's when Camozzi would get off first and cause Cane to back away and reset.

    The fight was not fantastic, and Cane's performance is a big reason why.

    If Cane wanted to put himself back on the map and assert himself as a threat he needed to defeat Camozzi. He failed.

Rick Story

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    One could make the case that Rick Story had the worst performance of the night. However, I will cut him a teeny bit of slack.

    Maia did not give him the opportunity to mount any offense. He closed the distance, took Story down, and submitted him.

    That is a pretty poor performance from Story, but with Maia's ground skills so far beyond Story's I won't put him at the absolute bottom of 153 performers.

    Story will definitely need a better performance his next time out.

Wagner Prado

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    Davis came through in this performance and outclassed Prado.

    Prado was taken down repeatedly and not given much of an opportunity to strike with Davis

    The young Brazilian eventually succumbed to an anaconda choke late in the second round for his first professional loss.

    It was a tall task to ask of Prado, and he simply could not stop the takedowns of the former NCAA champion. If nothing else it was a valuable learning experience for Prado.

Joey Gambino

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    Joey Gambino entered the UFC as a hot prospect, but was immediately thrust into the fire.

    The loss to Brandao moves him to 0-2 against UFC competition.

    Gambino submitted to Steven Siler and lost all three rounds against Brandao at 153.

    The 23-year-old showed his toughness, and also showed he has a lot more room to grow before competing in the featherweight division.

Dave Herman

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    Herman did do well defending submissions for the most part. I will give him credit where it is due. However, his all around performance has not very good.

    He was beaten by Nogueira in nearly every way.

    Minotauro out-struck Herman, he out-wrestled him, and he eventually got the submission. Herman's performance proved that he is not a very good heavyweight. Nogueira is a slow, rudimentary striker at best, and Herman couldn't defend.

    Jiu-jitsu works, Mr. Herman. That seems to be the prevailing statement following UFC 153.

Sam Sicilia

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    Now we enter the mediocre portion of the power rankings.

    Sam Sicilia lost his bout with Rony Jason, but still looked decent in doing so.

    Sicilia is not a top featherweight, and neither is Rony Jason for that matter, but he has an exciting style that will make him a fun preliminary scrapper.

    He did not look terrible, but he didn't look all that great either. Just a middle of the road performance.

Renee Forte

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    Much like Sicilia, Forte put together a ho-hum performance.

    Forte almost made it to the final bell, but Sergio Moraes submitted him at 3:10 of the final frame.

    This fight would have happened on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, but Forte was submitted in the quarter-finals. And Daniel Sarafian does not have the jiu-jitsu credentials of Moraes.

    This could have easily been a showcase fight for Moraes, but Forte made it more of a fight than anticipated.

Chris Camozzi

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    Camozzi did well to keep Cane off his game throughout the fight, but it was not the greatest performance anyone has ever seen.

    It is probably a good thing this fight was on the Facebook prelims.

    The 25-year-old middleweight picked up his third consecutive win in the middleweight division. That is the best news for Camozzi at the end of the day.

    He is young and continuing to learn, but Camozzi still has a long way to go if UFC 153 is any indication.

Francisco Trinaldo

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    In a solid fight Francisco Trinaldo came up on the losing end to Gleison Tibau. Trinaldo dropped only the second bout in his career.

    Trinaldo did well enough and even came close to finishing the fight. Trinaldo had a rear naked choke under Tibau's chin, but left just a bit too much space for him to survive.

    In the end Tibau proved to be a little bit too much for Trinalso right now, but he showed a lot of potential against a long time UFC veteran.

    Trinaldo is a big lightweight, but at 34-years of age there is not a lot of time left for him to improve enough to make a run in the division.

Gleison Tibau

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    Tiabu nabbed his fourth win in five fights with the decision victory over Trinaldo in Rio.

    He had to overcome a bit of adversity, but ultimately came out on top. The big lightweight used solid striking and wrestling to win two rounds on the judges' scorecards.

    Tibau continues to be a factor in the lightweight division. He should earn himself a bigger fight in his next outing.

    It was a workmanlike performance that earned him the W.

Cristiano Marcello

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    If nothing else Marcello has improved his striking. And in the eyes of two judges it worked for the win.

    Unfortunately, his improved striking is still ugly to watch.

    Both Marcello and Madadi exchanged blows and did their best to put on an exciting fight. That is to their credit. Yet it won't appear on any best of lists at the end of the year.

    Bad decision or not, this was a much better performance from Marcello.

Reza Madadi

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    Madadi was involved in the only contentious decision of the night. He was arguably the victor in the opening bout at UFC 153.

    Madadi and Marcello opened up the night with an exciting scrap.

    It won't blow the roof off, or cause anyone to anoint them as one of the division's best fighters, but it was fun. That is about all you can say about it.

    Madadi has a crowd pleasing style, and it should have gotten him the victory in Brazil.

Sergio Moraes

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    Sergio Moraes picked up his first UFC victory with a third round submission at UFC 153.

    He looked more comfortable in the Octagon his second time around, and also showed a bit better stand-up as well.

    Renee Forte was no match for the talented jiu-jitsu expert on the mat. That was the ultimate deciding factor.

    The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil runner-up is a danger to anyone on the canvas.

Stephan Bonnar

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    I know what you're thinking, "How can Bonnar be this high on the list? He was embarrassed!"

    I rank his performance this highly because he did all he could do against Silva. He closed the distance on him early. He tried to take him down. Ultimately, he simply could not do it.

    I can't penalize him for Silva's greatness. That's unfair.

    Bonnar's performance was solid. He tried to do what he could against the greatest fighter of all-time. It just was not enough to put him in a bad position, and Bonnar paid the price in the end.

Rony Jason

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    Rony Jason did what he needed to do following his The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil win in June.

    His performance in June was lackluster. He was exciting this go around.

    Sicilia was a game opponent and a great style match-up for Rony Jason. Sicilia's style allowed Rony Jason to do look great.

    The featherweight dropped a split decision to Renan Barao back in 2006, and with a few more performances like this one in a relatively shallow division he may get a chance to avenge that loss down the line.

Phil Davis

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    Davis went back to his bread and butter for this fight.

    Prado had no answer for the takedowns of Davis. This allowed the Penn State alumnus to do what he wanted inside the cage.

    It would have been better had Davis gotten a more impressive finish inside the first five minutes, but he is just building himself back up following the loss to Evans. The important thing is that he did pick up the victory.

    The anaconda choke was superb and will help Davis get back on track leading in to 2013.

Diego Brandao

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    Diego Brandao's maturation as a fighter was put on display in this fight.

    The Ultimate Fighter's win was a great way to rebound after dropping a bout to Darren Elkins earlier this year.

    He did not go all out from the opening bell and cause himself to gas out or make a costly mistake. He stayed composed and picked his shots. It gave him the ability to dominate the bout for all 15 minutes.

    Brandao has the physical tools to become a threat in the division, and his mental maturation is a huge step in his career.

Erick Silva

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    Erick Silva may have lost a decision to Jon Fitch at UFC 153, but he looked excellent in the first two rounds against one of the best fighters in the division.

    His hype was derailed with the loss, but this will be a big learning experience for the youngster.

    Silva showed his skills and abilities in the first two rounds. However, he was unable to stop the grind of Fitch overall. While Silva may be disappointed in the loss his performance was very good.

    To compete with Fitch proves that Silva is one of the elite in the welterweight division. He will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Glover Teixeira

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    Complete dominance.

    Teixeira put a beat down of epic proportions on Maldonado. He left him battered and bruised.

    As the hype continues to grow around Teixeira he continues to put on dominant performances that will only continue his ascent up the light heavyweight rankings.

    In his attempt to finish the fight he did leave himself open for a counter that nearly altered the course of the fight. Teixeira recovered quickly and went back to work on beating Maldonado up.

    A couple more performances such as this and he will likely earn himself a title shot in 2013.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

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    The former PRIDE and UFC Heavyweight Champion came back from injury strong.

    Nogueira won the striking exchanges against Herman, was able to take him down, and ultimately got the armbar finish.

    The fight keeps the legend relevant in the heavyweight division and able to play the role of spoiler for up and coming heavyweights.

    Nogueira may be on the downside of his career, but even still he remains one of the best heavyweights in the world. His performance at UFC 153 cemented that fact.

Demian Maia

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    Wow. That is the word that comes to mind when watching Maia destroy Story at UFC 153.

    Maia never gave Story a chance.

    The disturbing image of Story spurting blood from his nose as Maia cranks on his neck will live on for awhile. Maia's grip crushed Story in to tapping out.

    Maia moves to 2-0 in the welterweight division. He looks incredible at the new weight and could be a major factor in the division moving forward. He could find himself fighting a top ten opponent in short order.

Jon Fitch

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    Jon Fitch returned in a major way at UFC 153 by defeating the young up-and-coming Erick Silva.

    He was able to big brother the youngster on route to a decision.

    More importantly for Fitch, the fight was exciting. It was clearly one of the best performances of his career and could change the tune of many of the fans who have never embraced his style.

    Upsetting Silva moves Fitch back in a position to challenge a top ten welterweight and make one last run at the championship.

Anderson Silva

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    He is the greatest fighter of all time. He continues to produce jaw-dropping moments.

    Silva embarrassed Bonnar at UFC 153 in Rio.

    The UFC Middleweight Champion gave Bonnar the opportunity to mount offense by standing flat against the cage, but his superior talent allowed him to avoid nearly every strike. He showed the same level of disdain for Bonnar's abilities as he did with Griffin's at UFC 101.

    Silva put on another masterpiece. His ability to do what others cannot puts his performance head and shoulders above the rest. It is what makes him the greatest fighter on the planet.