Terrell Owens Wasn't the Real Problem in Big D!

tee polkAnalyst IMarch 11, 2009

Well it seems that a lot of people in the world, especially Cowboys fans, are so excited about the departure of Terrell Owens last week, but little do they know is that Owens was not the reason that the Cowboys have been a failure.

Let's go back to 2006 when the Cowboys faced the Seahawks in an important playoff game and their now star quarterback Tony Romo bobbles a snap that could have one them the game...Strike One.

Can you recall 2007 when the Cowboys had a remarkable 13-3 season, and got knocked out of the playoffs by the New York Giants due to the horrible play of once again their star quarterback "Tony Romo." He tossed two crucial interceptions when the game was on the line as I can recall...Strike Two.

And who could forget about this season when the Cowboys had to literally fight to get a playoff spot and failed to do so because of the inconsistent play of once again their star quarterback Tony Romo.

Against the Eagles in a game where, if you win, then you are in the playoffs, but what does Romo do? He does what he does best, throws two interceptions for touchdowns and fumbled the ball which led to another Philly touchdown...Strike Three.

So, Cowboys fans, you can point the fingers at T.O. all you want because in his three seasons with the Cowboys he has produced each season and was a important weapon for the success of Tony Romo...Without T.O., there would be no Romo, and that is a fact.

Tony Romo is the big problem in Dallas that nobody is talking about because he is very inconsistent, and in three seasons, he has failed to win the big game. So you tell me, was Owens really the big deal in Big D?