Randy Orton's Reportedly Imminent Heel Turn Will Be Perfect for WWE

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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As WWE superstar Randy Orton continues to advocate for and tease a possible heel turn on Twitter, the reports that the company is actually considering the move should have fans of professional wrestling ecstatic.

WrestleZone is reporting via Figure Four Online about the WWE’s stance on turning Orton heel sooner rather than later:

F4Wonline.com is reporting WWE officials know this and do plan to make him happy by turning him heel as soon as possible. As of now, they're waiting until they feel Sheamus is strong enough to carry the Smackdown shows as the top babyface and afford to have Orton as a heel.

With Orton’s current face character growing extremely stale, the WWE Universe has started to turn on the young veteran. As much as the two previous strikes for wellness policy violations should scare the WWE, the company knows how much Orton is worth and his push back to the top of the card is almost at hand.

Expect an overload of RKO upon his return from filming the move 12 Rounds: Reloaded.


How This Helps WWE

While the rise of CM Punk has given the WWE a viable heel at the top of the Raw card, the sheer lack of interesting main-event bad guys is the reason the company must allow Orton to turn.

Orton is already one of the top SmackDown stars, but he has been playing second fiddle to Sheamus since his return. Despite the fact that Orton deserved the time away from the World Heavyweight Championship scene as a punishment for his failed drug tests, the WWE is a business first and foremost and Orton around the title as a heel is the smart decision financially.

There aren’t many stars that move the needle in the WWE, but RKO is definitely one of the few big names that can draw fans.

Turn Orton heel and put him against the face champion Sheamus, and that is a battle every fan would want to see.

The Big Show has been a solid bad guy since turning, but he is still not as entertaining as the WWE would like from a star in the title picture. Show may be as interesting now as he has ever been over his long career, but it still pales in comparison to the kind of heat Orton would draw.

With a heavyweight title battle between a newly invigorated heel Orton and a fan-favorite like Sheamus, the WWE would watch their SmackDown brand return to relevancy.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Will a Heel Turn Save RKO from Being Boring?

As soon as this question is asked, a certain number of fans will claim that Orton isn’t boring right now. To those members of the WWE Universe that share that notion, please take off your rose-colored glasses and realize just how terrible his character has become.

Despite walking slow and acting as smug as he ever did as a heel, Orton has been the good guy for too long and his habits have grown very irritating.

Instead of trying to reinvent his good-guy persona, the Viper marches to the ring, utters his name and then goes through the motions; just like a spoiled child.

While I don’t believe that a wrestler should be rewarded for mailing in his effort like Orton has over the last year, his lackluster attitude could be considered part of the act when he is a heel.

Orton has been nothing as a face, and the only clear way to freshen up his gimmick would be adding a serious edge.

Who wouldn’t like to see another heel Orton versus John Cena match?


Merit Meter: 4 out of 5 Attitude Adjustments

Even the fans that can’t stand Randy Orton now have to remember back to a time when the young third-generation wrestler was coming up with the group Evolution. It was the heel character that Orton developed during that time that the company needs back now.

Take a dash of Ric Flair swagger; add a little Triple H smug, and you have the perfect heel recipe for today’s WWE.

Orton already has the smug attitude and mannerisms to be a heel, he just needs to fight the right face opponents and cut his classic arrogant promos. While Sheamus has been a great secondary star for the WWE, the WWE needs a veteran like Orton to help get the best out of the Irish star.

With the WWE convinced that Sheamus is a big enough face champion to withstand the load of SmackDown, turning Orton would give the WWE’s blue brand a feud worthy of a PPV main event.

That’s how you build excitement for the company’s secondary programming.


Final Word

While there are serious questions about the lack of elite faces on the WWE roster, the emergence of Sheamus and the continued development of Ryback has the company likely relaxing it’s stance on Orton turning heel.

As much as it wouldn’t have been feasible just a few months ago, the long title reign of Sheamus and the push to the top for Ryback has the company in a good position. There is no doubt that the WWE would have to push another face to the main-event level or turn another heel to a good guy, but Orton’s impact on SmackDown as a heel would be immediate.

No matter how fans view Sheamus, there will now be a viable threat to his title and a permanent fixture around the gold.

Orton deserves to be near the top of the card on drawing power alone, but a revamped heel character is exactly what the veteran needs to be relevant again.


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