Fantasy Baseball: A Team Dominated by Pitching

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Fantasy Baseball: A Team Dominated by Pitching

I decided that I am pretty bad at fantasy baseball. Making bad trades is my specialty, so I decided to try something new this year: heavy, heavy pitching. What could go wrong?

I figure all the categories count the same, so why go for players that hit the long bomb and strike out? It seems like one giant fish pool of pirahnas going for A-Rod, Pujols, and David Wright.

I decided I am going to try and sweep most of my pitching categories, and go for a fast team that picks up triples, stolen bases, walks, and runs. Here is how my draft turned out.


C) Mike Napoli

1B) Carlos Guillen

2B) Rickie Weeks (19 SB)

SS) Cesar Izturis (24 SB)

3B) Felipe Lopez 

OF) Johnny Damon (29 SB)

OF) Jacoby Ellsbury (50 SB)

OF) Michael Bourn (41 SB)

UTL) Carlos Gomez (33 SB)

UTL) Willie Taveras (68 SB)


SP) CC Sabathia (17-10, 251 Ks)

SP) Timmy "The Tool Man" Lincecum (18-5, 265 Ks)

SP) Cliff Lee (22-3, 170 Ks)

SP) Cole Hamels (14-10, 196 Ks)

RP) Joe Nathan (39 saves)

RP) Brad Lidge (41 saves)

RP) Mariano Rivera (39 saves)

P) Scott Shields (31 holds)

P) Kyle McClellan (30 holds)


I hope it works out, even though everyone has told me it won't. I know pitchers are more risky, but you've got to have a little creativity to get ahead. For $20 amongst high school buddies I think this gamble is worth it.

What do you think?

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