Scouting Report: Predictions for Alabama, LSU Target 4-Star ATH Kendell Beckwith

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 16, 2012


Kendell Beckwith is a four-star athlete with major potential out of Jackson, Louisiana.

He's listed at 6'3'', 228 pounds by, and they have him down for running a 4.7 40-yard dash, which is pretty good for a player of his size.

Because of his potential, Beckwith has offers from tons of major programs, including Notre Dame, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Auburn and Florida State, to name a few.

But he has the highest interest in two SEC powerhouses which shouldn't surprise you: LSU first, followed closely by Alabama, according to 247Sports.

Beckwith plays quarterback on the offensive side of the ball, and end on defense, so he ranks as Rivals' No. 5 ranked athlete in the country.

Here's my scouting report on Beckwith, as well as some predictions as to where he will end up:


Scouting Report

With his size and speed, Beckwith can be effective on both sides of the ball, but I don't see him playing quarterback in college. He does have a strong arm and decent accuracy, but much of what he can do as a quarterback comes on the run.

He displays natural football instincts, and is a very good cutback runner. He can see the field well, and he plays with a very low pad level. He's always moving downhill, which is a great trait for impact football players.

The position I can see Beckwith playing at the next level is outside linebacker. He has good football speed, is a natural rusher and takes very good angles of pursuit—a credit to his ability to see the field as a quarterback and ball carrier. He has the quickness to be an effective pass-rush specialist in college, but he's strong enough, and physical enough, to play against the run.

A lot of Beckwith's effectiveness is due to his natural feel for the game. He has very good football instincts, and can diagnose and shut down a play quickly. In the picture below he's lined up playing a wide-nine technique. Watch how the play progresses, and watch how Beckwith diagnoses it perfectly:

Many edge players would recklessly rush in here, thus putting themselves out of position, but look how Beckwith has his eyes on the backfield, while still engaging his blocker, allowing him to see the quarterback preparing to throw the bubble screen:

He pushes off the block, and notice how he angles his feet to the receiver, still playing lateral to the line of scrimmage while moving to make the tackle:

The receiver makes the catch, but Beckwith is able to use his speed and ability to chase him down and stop him for a minimal gain. If he wasn't able to get off the line and make the play, the blocking was set up for a much bigger gain.

He displays incredible football awareness and instincts for a senior in high school. That play may not seem like much, but when you consider the fact that the defensive end was able to get off the line and into the flats to stop a bubble screen, all because he was able to read the play, it should be much more impressive.

Beckwith has a veteran understanding of the game already, and that will only improve with coaching at the college level.



Beckwith is from Jackson, Louisiana, which is just about under an hour away from Baton Rouge. I believe this gives LSU a huge advantage over Alabama in the recruiting process.

Beckwith was at LSU's big win over previously unbeaten South Carolina, and he was apparently very impressed with the experience, according to David Helman of

Helman also reports that Beckwith will be at LSU to watch the Tigers square off with Alabama, so the winner of that game should get a pretty big boost as well.

In the end, I see the hometown team winning Beckwith. He's a very athletic player that will fit it with what Les Miles likes to do on defense, and he has the potential to be a future game-changer for the Tigers.

LSU just makes a bit more sense for Beckwith. He'll be closer to home, he'll still be playing for a powerhouse program and he could really shine in their defense.

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