Which Defensive Coordinator Should Be Fired Next?

Aaron Nagler@Aaron_NaglerNFL National Lead WriterOctober 16, 2012

Andy Reid sent shock waves through the NFL community this morning with the Philadelphia Eagles' announcement that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo had been let go. His replacement will be secondary coach Todd Bowles.

Reid is clearly following the Lovie Smith playbook here. He spent all summer consolidating power into his office and is now using said power to try to save himself. His team sits at 3-3, in large part because his starting quarterback can't stop turning the ball over and his once high-flying offense has suddenly turned impotent.

So, obviously, the defensive coordinator had to go.

While I think firing Castillo is the move of a desperate coach trying to save his job, there are a few defensive coordinators around the league who probably do deserve to be fired after six weeks. In the video above, I take a look at three coordinators who probably deserve a pink slip sooner rather than later.

Let us know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with any of my choices and if there are any candidates I may have missed.