WWE: Ryback's Push Is the Evolution of the 'Change' Movement

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIOctober 16, 2012

People are inherently hard to please.

You give us an inch, we want a yard.

It takes us less time to remain satisfied than it does for Tensai’s push to come crashing down to Earth.

As a member of the IWC, I understand the desire to want to watch a WWE product that is as close to flawless as possible. We clamor about change and how the PG Era has been the downfall of all things we hold near and dear.

The Attitude Era is dead and gone, my friends, and unfortunately won’t be coming back.                             

However, all is not lost.

We all know that almost a year and a half ago, on a warm summer night in Las Vegas, CM Punk spoke his mind about a number of things, one of the primary points being change.

Ah, yes change.

The IWC was a very hopeful place during the “Summer of Punk” last year, but it seems that all of that goodwill was eviscerated due to what we perceive to be a stagnant product being produced on a weekly basis.

We don’t want to see John Cena in the main event anymore.

What in the world is Kane doing in the middle of the Punk-Daniel Bryan feud?

How does Big Show find his way to the title match time after time?

These are all thoughts and questions that have been discussed ad nauseum over the last year; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Or have they?

Over the last year or so, we have seen Mark Henry become a dominant World Champion who would lead SmackDown to its highest ratings last year.

Daniel Bryan, the poster child for all we love about pure wrestling had a lengthy run as WHC, which culminated in him transforming into perhaps the most entertaining wrestler on the roster.

Dolph Ziggler may still not have become the World Champion we all hoped for, but he still holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, and his run as champion will come in due time.

We’ve also seen the debut of Antonio Cesaro and his subsequent reign as US Champion within four months of his debut.

Seth Rollins is the NXT Champion and could be called up before the end of the year.

The list goes on and on, but you get the point.

We are so fixated on the negatives that we turn a blind eye to the number of positive developments that have taken place over the last year.

Which leads me back to Punk and his newest challenger, Ryback.

Ryback was officially named the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship last night, and a number of people in the IWC are less than pleased with Ryback’s push.

He can’t wrestle.

He’s too green.

He can’t talk.

All fair points (although I would argue about the talking aspect—if you listen to some of his promos while he was with the Nexus as Skip Sheffield you will see he has more chops than given credit for), but we’re missing the bigger picture.

Ryback is a fresh face to the main event scene. We have been so busy bitching and moaning about Cena in the spotlight, that when we are given a reprieve, we find something else to complain about.

He has the look and feel of a big time player for years to come. Of course this could all blow over very quickly, and he could fall the way Jack Swagger did. Or maybe, he follow the path of Batista, the same dominant powerhouse that was the staple of SmackDown for half a decade.

The fact is, you don’t know until you try.

Remember when Kane was thrust into the Bryan-Punk feud? It ended up being one of the most entertaining feuds of the year and enabled Bryan and Kane to form a tag team and breathe new life into the division.

Big Show’s act may be tiring, but the big guy can still go when motivated, as anyone can see from the main event at SummerSlam.

As for Cena, let’s face it. He isn’t going anywhere for awhile, and if his recent injury is any indication, that might be a good thing.

The change CM Punk waxed poetically about last year has already begun to take shape. Talent-wise the WWE has never been in a better place, and it’s just absurd to transition from the old guard to the new regime overnight.

We all want change.

We all want to be satisfied.

We all want to be fed.


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