Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ask for Trust When It Comes to Aqib Talib

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 16, 2012

Aqib Talib will be back in four weeks.
Aqib Talib will be back in four weeks.Elsa/Getty Images

The one thing about Aqib Talib is that he's been very consistent.

He was a problem when he came to Tampa, he continued to be a problem during the stinky Raheem Morris era and the odor hasn't changed with Greg Schiano calling the shots.

He's the consistent problem, that weed that won't go away, that ugly house in the neighborhood, he's the junk car sitting on cinder blocks in someone's front yard, no tires, of course.

He's always been that way. Morris didn't mind, simply called Talib "my wild child."

With the new sheriff in town, Talib actually fooled everyone into thinking he'd turned over a new leaf in life. After all, he saw Kellen Winslow, Tanard Jackson and Brian Price cast from "the family" as Schiano likes to call his band of Bucs.

On Monday, Schiano danced nervously around the Talib dilemma, he really didn't want to say much about it, he tried to spin it as best he could, by now you've seen his statements and yes, he intends to bring Morris' "wild child" back into the family in four weeks.

Today is the players' day off, Talib has a month off. This latest pill-pop of his will cost him approximately $466,000 in pay checks. His pay this year is $1,852,500 so you can divide that by 16 and that's what in his account every week. Pretty good living for a guy who simply cannot follow rules and doesn't mind breaking the law every now and then.

This decision isn't Schiano's alone. If the Bucs were to simply cut Talib now, they would still owe him about $1,386,000, give or take a few grand. Not sure I'm for cutting Talib a big check then turning him loose on society.

What the Bucs obviously intend to do is try and salvage something, try and get their final money's worth out of this goob. It doesn't do a lot for Schiano's mantra that he's preaching, you know, trust and accountability. You can't trust Talib and he doesn't understand accountability, never has.

What you can count on is that the organization won't have him back next year. At the season's end, he's an unrestricted free agent which means he will become someone else's unrestricted problem for the 2013 season.

Not sure how Schiano would have handled this one at Rutgers. In college, you have 90 guys all waiting to play and Talib would be out the door and probably given the boot from campus as well. But this is big money we're talking about.

Best thing to do is bring him back and grind him into the turf, wear him out, work him over, get some use out of a guy who is otherwise pretty useless.

There's little doubt the fan base is fed up with Talib. How would you explain a guy like that to your kids? The good news is that the Tampa community won't have to worry about this dweeb come January. Get him to the airport, put him on a plane to somewhere—anywhere—and bid him good riddance.

That probably should have been done a long time ago.

At least there is no one in the building at One Buc Place who is responsible for drafting him.

He can go ahead and sign with the Redskins and reunite with Morris.

Talib and Morris, now there's a marriage made in, uh, well, not sure how to classify that.

The good news is that in less than 80 days, we will have seen the last of Talib.

And that will be a good riddance.