King Hardy!

The Controversial Aaron LeGresleyCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

A few people suggested I write an article about who is the more talented Hardy boy, Jeff or Matt Hardy? So here it is! I finally got around to it! Enjoy!

The storyline between the two Hardy brother's in the WWE that is taking place right now is a lot like real life, which is probably why their playing off of it.

Jeff has been getting pushed while Matt Hardy is the harder working talent. It's just a storyline and Matt eats it humbly knowing he loves his brother, but this has to be under Matt's skin somewhat. He's only human.

I think the tide has finally turned as now the WWE and the veteran's that spend their valuable time with Jeff are starting to get fed up. Matt is being looked upon as the next break out superstar, as it is well deserved.

It is well known that the ever hard working, Version 1 Matt Hardy is a better wrestler then his enigma brother Jeff, that's just the way it turns out. He's just natural ring savvy, while Jeff has a unique savvy of his own in the ring that nobody including Matt can copy.

Jeff also has been the better and more comfortable speaker on the mic since they both debut with WWE the then (WWF) in 1994 and now in the present as well. He also has the better and more widely known gimmick.

Jeff Hardy however is WAY overrated. Just because I said he was better sometimes than Matt on the Mic, doesn't mean he's perfected it by far. Actually I think he's getting quite bad again, you see neither of them were really great at first cutting a promo.

Jeff was doing really good with promo's when he was feuding with Edge and Taker not long ago on Smackdown. He now is reverted back to his shaky voice, and not much to say self again.

With his Carolina accent it sometimes sounds like he forgot how to talk. He goes up and down like a roller coaster, unfortunately it has been a screaming straight down for Jeff Hardy as of late.

Matt continue's to improve however catching up to Jeff with every waking moment. He's getting quite better on the mic, he just needs to add some charisma into his intensity and maybe come up with a winning gimmick and stick by it.

Jeff however misses things and screws up quite frequently not only in the ring and on the mic, but out of the ring as well. He only care's about his paycheck one week and thinks he can just get by in the ring with a couple spot monkey moves and nobody will notice, playing to the children fans.

The next week he's trying really hard, but too hard at times an gets burnt out. He has potential to be a lot better.

He was on the verge of getting it all together. He would have had an awesome gimmick if he became a masked wrestler and stuck with his new (now occasional) creepy black, green, purple and white face paint, then turned heel, and kept the feel of that way he was being all creepy towards the Undertaker and playing with him, then hit him with a chair not long ago on Smackdown, when he was feuding with Edge.

Even Taker was impressed with his darkness. I thought he was going to turn heel against Taker. That would have been a one of a kind gimmick. I don't think he'll find another one like it.

I personally think that through-out his whole career he'll keep doing his thing with his little dance moves and wearing his thongs and doing spot monkey moves after he makes his entrance to his cool music. Which is a shame really. Wasted talent is never good and I hope he proves this critic wrong.

Matt Hardy is not only catching up in mic skills to Jeff but is now catching up in the gimmick field as well. Although personally I think Matt had made HIS character with the whole Version 1 thing but then decided to drop it. I think he will once again however find his way.

Matt is climbing the ladder of the WWE while Jeff continue's to spiral down his roller coster of life. The rainbow haired warrior is on his last strike with World Wrestling Entertainment, and if we've learned anything from the past it may not be long before he's outta there.

When it comes down to it, I'd say Jeff has extreme potential but lacks in motivation. While Matt is not far behind and also has extreme potential and continues to work at it but still needs to find a little something, which he will do if he keeps looking.

After a Twist Of Fate and a Leg Drop I think Matt Hardy will inevitably come out on top and I give the 1,2,3 to V1 Matt Hardy!

MATT HARDY FACTS: Matt drinks low-fat Chocolate milk and keeps his house at a toasty 75 Degree's!