5 NFL Teams We Would Rather See Peyton Manning Play for

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIOctober 16, 2012

5 NFL Teams We Would Rather See Peyton Manning Play for

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    Peyton Manning has brought legitimacy to the Denver Broncos offense and made the team a favorite in the AFC West, but his services would be better served elsewhere.

    The Broncos have faced three elite teams this season in the Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans and New England Patriots and have fallen to all of them.

    Manning is a future Hall of Famer, but he alone is not good enough to elevate the Broncos into Super Bowl contention.

    On five other teams he may be. The following five organizations have quality pieces in place, enough pieces that by adding a QB of Manning's caliber they could compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

    Let's start in the NFC West.

5. Seattle Seahawks

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    Russell Wilson is developing nicely and has performed well for a rookie quarterback. However, he is still a rookie and is averaging just 169 yards passing per game, only 31st in the NFL.

    Seattle does not have much of a vertical passing attack and defenses are often able to stack the box against running back Marshawn Lynch.

    Having Peyton Manning under center would eliminate that loaded box. Defenses would constantly be on their toes and have to respect all facets of the Seahawks offense.

    Wilson is good and he will get better, but he is not Manning.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City Chiefs possess one of the best running backs in all of football in Jamaal Charles.

    They have an elite wide receiver in Dwayne Bowe and a plethora of defensive standouts.

    What the Chiefs do not have is a decent QB. Matt Cassel has proven time and time again that he is not the answer to the teams quarterback woes, and backup Brady Quinn is, well, Brady Quinn.

    Peyton Manning would make the Chiefs immediately relevant and a favorite in the AFC West. Watching him balance out a Charles-led rushing attack would be a sight to behold.

3. New York Jets

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    Imagine for just a moment no QB controversy for the New York Jets.

    No constant questions about Tim Tebow's playing time, Mark Sanchez's ability as a starting quarterback or how the two can possibly co-exist.

    Imagine the Jets defense paired up with a high-flying offense that properly utilizes the speed and skill of wide receivers Stephen Hill and Santonio Holmes.

    An offense that has a clear leader and a unified direction.

    What a dream that is.

2. Dallas Cowboys

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    Tony Romo is consistently inconsistent. Manning is just the opposite, and having him run the high-powered Dallas Cowboys offense might make the NFC East race a little more interesting.

    Manning may not be able to get the most out of DeMarco Murray and the underachieving running game, but he could spread the ball to Dallas' excess of quality receiving options.

    Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Kevin Ogletree would all be threats to produce every week.

    It would be an explosive offense that scared its opponent week in and week out. Basically, the opposite of what Romo has done this season.

1. Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals are an impressive 4-2 this season. They have won games because their defense is among the best in football, causing turnovers at will and creating tremendous amounts of pressure on opposing offenses.

    The problem with Arizona is that it has a lackluster "game manager" at QB in the form of Kevin Kolb.

    Kolb is not terrible, but he is average at best. Manning is a known elite commodity and could immediately elevate the Cardinals to the top of the NFL.

    The Cardinals are close as they stand now—their defense is simply that good—but with Manning at the helm they would become bona fide Super Bowl contenders.