Power Ranking Top 1-Loss Teams with Best Shot at BCS Title

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 16, 2012

Power Ranking Top 1-Loss Teams with Best Shot at BCS Title

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    With the way college football works nowadays, it is made to believe that you have to run the table in order to reach the BCS National Championship. Once you lose that one game, everybody laughs at you, points fingers and calls you a pretender for the rest of the season.

    The truth is there are a total of 15 teams in the new BCS rankings that have at least one loss, with three clubs already experiencing failure twice. And while it may seem like many of the teams with one loss have removed all hope of reaching the big game, there is still plenty of football left to be played and every squad will have a chance to prove itself.

    Since 2005, there have been a total of five teams that have won the BCS Championship and had experienced at least one loss during the regular season. There is still hope if you are a fan of one of these clubs that has gotten off to a slow start.

    Here are the top teams with one loss that still have an outside shot of taking a trip to Miami, FL this year and winning that crystal ball.

7. Florida State

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: You can't win a national championship if you can't play defense, and the Seminoles are ranked third in the country in total defense. That alone will keep Florida State in every game the rest of the way and give them a shot to win the remaining games in a watered down ACC.

    Also, having a senior quarterback leading your offense has to help as well, giving the unit some type of leadership.

    Reasons They Can't: It is Florida State. And while the program is fantastic and has a long history of doing great things, we have become used to the Seminoles letting us down year after year.

    This team should still be undefeated, but slipped up to a North Carolina State squad that lost to Miami and Tennessee. The offense also struggles at times to move the football against a defense that is remotely decent.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 10 percent

6. West Virginia

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: When you average over 500 yards on offense, 45 points and convert 50 percent of your third down attempts, there is a good chance you are going to win a large amount of your football games. And while we can talk about Geno Smith and company all day long, the Mountaineers also play three of their toughest Big 12 games at home.

    Reasons They Can't: As you saw against Texas Tech, this offense is human and is actually capable of having an off day. But regardless of how well the offense is performing or not, the defense has been one of the worst in the country.

    If Smith and this offense don't score oodles of points, West Virginia will likely lose the game. The team needed all 70 points to beat Baylor and all 48 to knock off Texas. That isn't a great recipe for a national title.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 15 percent

5. Georgia

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: Georgia has an offense that is averaging over 480 yards of offense and two freshmen running backs that have combined for over 1,000 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. The defense that was ranked fifth in the country a year ago is just now starting to come together and the schedule is by far the weakest in the SEC.

    Reasons They Can't: While the freshmen running back tandem is great, they are still freshmen running backs at the end of the day. The defense still has yet to jell with suspended players recently coming back a few weeks ago. And despite this team being loaded with talent, the Bulldogs are combined 2-9 against ranked teams since 2010.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 20 percent

4. USC

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: USC has an offense that has arguably the most talent of any other offense in the country. Many players on this unit will be picked in the first round of the NFL draft and the scary thing is that it hasn't yet clicked this season. The defense is also ranked second best in the Pac-12 and has forced 16 turnovers in the first six games.

    Reasons They Can't: With all of the talent on the offensive side of the ball, the Trojans have turned the ball over 11 times and been held under 30 points three times. The squad is averaging 10 penalties a game and allows teams that they should be blowing out to hang around for all four quarters.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 25 percent

3. Oklahoma

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: Oklahoma has shown that it is capable of playing with the best teams in the country when it wants to show up. Quarterback Landry Jones is the most experienced quarterback in the country, while running back Damien Williams has been on a tear, averaging over seven yards a carry. The defense is also ranked 15th in the nation and has allowed only eight red-zone trips in five games.

    Reasons They Can't: Much like Florida State, Oklahoma has picked up the habit of not producing when the expectations get high. Despite having all of the talent in the world, the Sooners seem to choke at the most crucial moments, as a championship caliber team lost three games last season.

    This team seems to be lacking something special and you never really know what team is going to show up on Saturday.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 30 percent

2. South Carolina

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: South Carolina still has one of the best defensive fronts in the country and has produced 26 sacks, which leads the SEC.

    Overall, the defense is ranked third in the conference. The offense also has running back Marcus Lattimore, who is more than capable of breaking down a defense and leading his team to victory.

    Reasons They Can't: Struggling on the road. The Gamecocks nearly lost to Vanderbilt, lost to LSU and trailed Kentucky at halftime. This defense also may have shown weakness, as the LSU Tigers managed to rush for over 250 yards last weekend. Quarterback Connor Shaw looked rattled at times in the big game, as he threw two interceptions and only completed 56 percent of his passes.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 35 percent

1. LSU

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    Reasons They Can Get Back in Title Hunt: The running game showed signs of life last week against South Carolina, as Jeremy Hill may be another talented runner to add to the deepest backfield in the country. The defense remains the second best in the country behind only Alabama, as it is allowing only 219 yards a contest.

    Reasons They Can't: Until the game against the Gamecocks, this Tigers team was sleepwalking through the 2012 schedule. They barely beat Auburn, needed all four quarters to beat Towson and were blown out by Florida.

    There are also questions about quarterback Zach Mettenberger, who is completing fewer than 60 percent of his passes and really hasn't shown us much consistency throwing the football.

    Percentage of Reaching the Big Game: 50 percent