Pierre Garcon and the Most Disappointing Free-Agent Acquisitions of 2012

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Pierre Garcon and the Most Disappointing Free-Agent Acquisitions of 2012
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Buyer's remorse hits us all at some point. Hopefully, it's never a multimillion-dollar feeling.

For the Washington Redskins and a few other teams, that feeling includes a minimum of six zeros and even eight in one special circumstance.

So, who splurged only to lose the receipt when it was time to make a return?

Let's check it out.

The Skins Haven't Felt the Love from Pierre Garcon

Garcon was brought to Washington to grow into Robert Griffin III's go-to receiver. After one game, everything seemed right with the world.

Griffin found Garcon four times in the season opener. However, he's only found him four times since, as Garcon has struggled with injuries.

Meanwhile, Santana Moss has been able to stay on the field and develop a little chemistry with the rookie signal-caller.

Maybe the Redskins should have just stuck with what they had.

Not Much Has Gone Right for the Kansas City Chiefs

Peyton Hillis was going to become the thunder to Jamaal Charles' lightning. Through the first six games, there has been plenty of lightening, but zero thunder.

Hillis has only played in three games, and it hasn't been pretty. For the season, he has 21 carries for 93 yards. To make a poor situation worse, he has one more fumble than touchdowns.

Which puts him at one.

$100 Million Sure Doesn't Get You Much Anymore

Anytime you sign a player to a $100-million contract, that player is being counted on to be a franchise cornerstone. Excepting the game against the Arizona Cardinals, Mario Williams has done anything but carry the Buffalo Bills.

Out of his 3.5 sacks, only 1.5 did not come against the turnstiles that sit in front of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. And those 1.5 sacks came against the Cleveland Browns. Almost the same thing.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis Forgot His Hands In New England

Green-Ellis was going to be an improvement over the departed Cedric Benson. Not so much.

The Law Firm was pumped throughout the offseason because of his ability to hold on to the ball. However, he has already fumbled three times in only 107 carries.

Furthermore, it isn't as if his 3.4-yard average is anything to be proud of either.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Just as I shouldn't have spent $200 on a pair of aggressive inline skates that I'd sell for $50 just two months later, these teams should have saved their money for a rainy day.

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