WWE: Hell in a Cell Should Signal End of Team Hell No

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IOctober 15, 2012

Team Hell No brought dysfunction to the WWE tag team division. Now, after Hell in a Cell, it's time to go their separate ways. (B/R photo)
Team Hell No brought dysfunction to the WWE tag team division. Now, after Hell in a Cell, it's time to go their separate ways. (B/R photo)

One of them looks like the villain in a bad slasher movie: The other looks like Santa Claus as a high school sophomore.

The storyline calls for them to get along like two cats in a burlap sack while managing to hold on to the WWE tag team championship belts as Team Hell No.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are by no means the best tag team in the history of WWE.

At best, they are transitional champions, holding the belts while another team gets ready to take them. But this unlikeliest of duos managed to rekindle interest in the tag team division from both the WWE Universe and the WWE Creative Team.

Those who closely follow wrestling do not expect them to hold onto the belts at WWE Hell in a Cell 2012. The entire back-and-forth of “I am the Tag Team Champions!” surely will come to a halt later this month in Atlanta, and with good reason.

The story arc has run its course.

You did not think these guys were seriously long-term champs, did you?

Sure, it was entertaining to watch polar opposites go through the entire anger-management therapy program and the hilarious scenes in the diner. When they were thrown together as a tag team, you knew they would eventually take the WWE tag belts from the oh-so-stale team of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

And they did.

That was the climax of this story arc—in the rules of writing, everything would be downhill from there.

Now their argument-filled union is about to come to an end at Hell in a Cell. At least, that is what is expected to happen. It was fun while it lasted, but Kane and Bryan need to go back to doing what they do best, and that is singles action. With the traction both received from this program, they should stay on the upper card for some time to come.

The WWE Creative Team deserves a whole galaxy of gold stars for getting this one right.

First, they took the belts away from a Kofi-Truth team who are much better as singles wrestlers. Second, they put the belts on a team who are also better as individuals but managed to create chemistry by appearing to not have chemistry.

The tag team division is loaded with "true" teams who work very well together and are worthy of being champions for an extended period of time. The tag team division is relevant now, not just a bunch of wrestlers with no storylines thrown together for the sake of getting ring time.

More importantly, fans are looking forward to watching tag teams in the ring. Tag team matches are now "must-see" instead of "must-go-pee."

Who would have thought that a joke of a division would be revitalized by a joke of a tag team?

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