Why Colt Cabana Will Soon Be a WWE Commentator

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistOctober 15, 2012

Photo courtesy of Colt Cabana's Twitter @ColtCabana
Photo courtesy of Colt Cabana's Twitter @ColtCabana

It's only a matter of time before Colt Cabana will join WWE as a commentator.

Soon Cabana will have more of an identity to the mainstream WWE audience than just being that guy they've heard about as CM Punk's best friend.

CM Punk recently made a comment during a Q&A session at Ohio Comic Con where he alluded to something possibly in the works regarding Cabana and WWE.

WWE isn't going to bring Cabana in as a wrestler or they would have done so by now.

He was hired once in 2007 on WrestleMania weekend. Cabana was hired under John Laurinaitis' reign running the talent roster.

Let's just say, for reasons I'll keep to myself, I stand by the opinion of Cabana's hire was done on whim. Maybe Laurinaitis was drunk. Maybe Colt said the right things in the right place in the right time. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that I don't think Cabana's hire was on the agenda of things to do for Laurinaitis that weekend.

Colt Cabana was never put in a position to succeed in his two years in WWE.

Two years is a standard time for most mid-card and lower talent to sign for with WWE. Cabana's signing was announced in April of 2007. He announced that he was gone from WWE in early 2009... two years later.

I don't think the hire was ever supposed to have happened in WWE's eyes. The powers that be knew the next morning when they woke up―they couldn't wait for the two years to expire.

CM Punk has been a universally identified top guy in WWE for a year and a half. He's easily Cabana's biggest and highest profile supporter. If WWE hasn't brought him back to be a wrestler yet, they aren't going to.

I see Colt Cabana soon gracing the commentary table in WWE.

It fits a need of WWE and pleases the WWE Champion.

His Art of Wrestling podcast is what he's known for the best on a consistent basis. He can talk and be entertaining while doing it. He'll also bring an understanding of what needs to be put over and how to do so on commentary.

Cabana has talent. He does deserve to have his talents utilized to the fullest on the biggest stage. WWE has certainly made bigger hires of lesser people.

I guarantee Cabana would be a better commentator than Mike Adamle was. I bet Cabana could call American Gladiators better than Adamle.

Cabana would provide a versatility most wrestlers turned commentators don't have―the ability to do both play-by-play or color commentator.

WWE is currently in a transition phase concerning commentators.

Jerry Lawler has been out commentary since his heart attack.

JBL is good but he doesn't need to do it. He doesn't need the money and has other ventures on his plate.

Jim Ross is the greatest, but it seems to pain WWE to have him around for too long based upon his random stints of appearances over the last two years.

WWE keeps adding programming but they have less talent who actually know the art of commentating on wrestling. The pun was intended.