Last Night's Raw: A Good Mix of Drama and Comedy

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Hey everyone!

Today I'm actually talking about last night's WWE show. I though Raw was as serious and as funny as hell. I mean, the Triple H attack of Randy Orton's home was down right serious, and I think a good way to end the show.

The more these two go at it, the better a Mania match we get. So, here's hoping Triple H and Randy Orton keep going at it so we get a great match.

Now, for the comedy portion of tonight's show.

The Edge, Big Show, and John Cena storyline has become so funny the past few weeks that, without it I think the WWE would be missing the greatest comedy edge ever.

I mean, last night Cena coming out and saying he loves Vicki Guerrero was funny as hell, but it got even funnier when he showed the video about the affair. Cena's final words before leaving to go back stage were so funny I almost wet myself laughing.

So, in the words of John Cena, "Vicki you got some 'splaining to do."

Now of course I have to include some of last nights actual matches or I'll get yelled at, so here goes.

Last night a new storyline could have easily been born. CM Punk has just lost his title to JBL.

Now this could result in two different outcomes: a new young superstar chases after JBL so they can get the International title. Or, CM Punk could start a big ass feud with JBL.