The 5 Biggest Superstitions of NFL Fans

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2012

The 5 Biggest Superstitions of NFL Fans

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    NFL fans are an intense bunch. Of course, when your team only plays 16 games a year, every game can seem like a must-win, so it makes sense.

    When you get that invested in a team, you start to believe that you have the power to actually effect what goes on. You know it's crazy deep down, but at the same time, you still kind of believe it.

    If you believe in these upcoming superstitions, you should probably seek help immediately. Unless you're a New York Giants fan, because whatever you're doing is clearly working.

Staying in the Same Spot

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    Have you ever been sitting in the same spot the whole game, then when you finally get up and move your team turns the ball over? That was obviously cause and effect.

    So if things are going well, you're not going anywhere. Not for food, not to go to the bathroom, not to let your wife sit down on the couch next to you. You can't risk it.

    On the flip side, if things are going sideways, you may wear out your living room trying to find an acceptable seat where good things will actually happen.

The Lucky Outfit

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    For me it's not just a shirt or a jersey, if my team is on a winning streak I'll try to keep as much of my outfit from the past week the same. I'm not talking same underwear or anything, I'm just not going to wear a jacket if I wasn't wearing a jacket last time they won.

    Of course for some fans, this is just a time honored tradition no matter if the team wins or loses. They have to wear their special game-day uniform, just like the team does. It might be a stretch to say Redskins fans dress up like hogs for good luck considering their record over the last decade, but with RG3 aboard now, they're probably not going to stop anytime soon.

The Perfect Meal

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    Some NFL fans need to have just the right tailgate food before a game. Maybe it's a bowl of their lucky cereal. Maybe it's exactly 17 wings because the last time you ate exactly 17 wings before a game they won the Super Bowl.

    It may not be sane, but you better believe it's important. 

Pump Up Music

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    It's important to get in the right mindset before a game, and nothing helps us accomplish that quite like the right music.

    Maybe you need to hear We Are The Champions before a game. Maybe Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight is your lucky jam. 

    Even if the team can't hear it, you're hearing it for them and that makes all the difference.

The Token

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    Even non-sports fans have a rabbit's foot that they rub for good luck. Sports fans will take that one further.

    It might be your favorite football card from when you were a kid, it might be that signed picture from your favorite athlete.

    No matter what it is, as long as you have it with you when the game starts, everything is going to be okay.