Robert Nkemdiche's Latest Quotes on Final Decision Are Bad News for Clemson

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Robert Nkemdiche's Latest Quotes on Final Decision Are Bad News for Clemson
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It appears as if the whirlwind speculation and doubt surrounding No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche and his commitment to the Clemson Tigers will only continue to grow with his latest thoughts on his decision.

Keith Niebuhr of 247Sports reports Nkemdiche's recent quotes regarding his current commitment to Clemson:

No. 1 national recruit Robert Nkemdiche remains committed to Clemson, but he admitted Friday night the fight for his services is far from over.

Asked when he will have a final decision with his recruitment, the heralded five-star defensive end from Grayson (Ga.) replied, "I think probably when I sign the paper."

Via 247Sports

It's important to note that Nkemdiche is merely just pointing out a truth that we all know in the world of college football recruiting. Nobody's decision is final until National Signing Day, so whether you're a 2-star fullback or the No. 1 overall recruit in the nation, there's always an opportunity to flip.

That said, with so much speculation regarding Nkemdiche's commitment to Clemson, wouldn't it be nice to get some assurance rather than more questions and indecision? Especially if you're a Tigers fan.

It doesn't appear like that assurance will come anytime soon, though, and in fact, these quotes will just serve to make things worse for Clemson fans. The bad news here is that we are still quite a while away from National Signing Day, which means that there is still quite a while for Nkemdiche to consider flipping.

Via 247Sports

He apparently wants to take as much time as possible to make his final decision.

Ole Miss has been the hot-button school when it comes to swaying Nkemdiche, considering his brother Denzel plays there, and Robert admitted to Kipp Adams of that his mother wants him to play for the Rebels as well. Nkemdichce's latest quotes will only serve to give Ole Miss, and everyone who wants him to go there, more time to get the No. 1 overall recruit to sway.

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While you could argue that Clemson can use that time to solidify his commitment, I believe that time is the worst thing for Clemson right now.

If Nkemdiche had to make a quick decision, I'd give the advantage to the program he already has a commitment too, but the time between now and National Signing Day is an eternity in the recruiting world. More time between now and a final decision is too much time for indecision, doubt and a change of heart if you're the Clemson Tigers.

It's rather obvious that Nkemdiche wants to take the time to keep his mind open, and that's bad news for Clemson.

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