Could R-Truth and Brodus Clay Be a Successful WWE Tag Team?

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2012

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Since R-Truth's partnership with Kofi Kingston has effectively come to an end, the veteran superstar is currently without any true direction.

After his interaction with Brodus Clay on last week's episode of RAW, however, I believe that the extroverted pair could form a dynamic team of their own.

Truth was scheduled to face Brodus in a match last week, but instead of wrestling they proceeded to dance along with The Funkadactyls and Lil' Jimmy. While I wouldn't say that I particularly enjoyed the segment, I can see how a Truth and Clay team would be entertaining for the younger audience.

Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of the creative decisions that are made are geared toward pleasing young fans, so I can definitely see Truth and Clay teaming up. The tag team division is actually pretty deep right now, meaning a run with the Tag Team Championships is out of the question, but they wouldn't be a bad face tandem to oppose the likes of Rhodes Scholars and The Prime Time Players.

The main reason why I would support Truth and Clay joining forces, though, is the fact that neither has anything better on the horizon.

Truth has proven to be a capable singles competitor in the past, most notably as a heel, but his face gimmick is too over the top to lead to something substantial, so putting him with a popular superstar like "The Funkasaurus" would be beneficial.

Brodus had an incredible amount of potential and momentum when his current character debuted, and while I still believe that he can be a major player within the company, he has lost almost all of his steam. Clay's big push came to an end when he lost to Big Show a few months ago, and any remaining embers were totally snuffed out a couple weeks ago when Antonio Cesaro beat him cleanly on RAW with a Gotch-Style Neutralizer.

Rather than having Clay scuffle in the mid-card, he would be a lot better off teaming with Truth and being at least somewhat of a contender for the Tag Team Championships. Truth and Clay would be behind at least four teams in the pecking order, but adding a couple more capable wrestlers to the division is only going to strengthen it.

It wasn't long ago that the WWE would allow floundering wrestlers to essentially fade into obscurity by not giving them any type of storyline, but since the tag team scene is suddenly resurrected, there is a way to give each and every capable guy on the roster some sense of purpose.

I don't feel like there is anything logical for Truth or Brodus to do as individuals right now, so it would be curious if the writers didn't pair them up.

Truth's old face character, where he rapped and danced around, was probably more compatible with Clay than his current gimmick is, but there are some parallels between them that would likely create solid synergy.

I'm not saying that Truth and Clay teaming up would be a long-term thing, but it would be a great transitional angle for both men. It simply isn't possible to push 50 superstars at once, so a handful of wrestlers are inevitably going to be left out in the cold at certain points.

That is the case for Truth and Brodus right now, but they can help each other out in the meantime.

Say what you will about either Truth or Clay in terms of their in-ring ability or their characters, but both of them are over with the crowd, so I have no doubt that they would succeed as a team, at least over a short period of time.

I endorse the school of thought that you can never have too many quality tag teams, so I'm in full support of one more featuring R-Truth and The Funkasaurus.


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