BCS Rankings 2012: Teams That Will Storm into Top 10

Chris StephensCorrespondent IIOctober 15, 2012

Florida State has an opportunity to get back into the top 10.
Florida State has an opportunity to get back into the top 10.Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The first BCS rankings have been released, but teams like Florida State and Texas Tech will storm into the top 10.

When looking at the top 10, it's safe to say that every team earned its spot. However, multiple teams will fall off the next few weeks. That will pave the way for teams like the Seminoles and Red Raiders.

Those teams could be No. 7 South Carolina and No. 9 Oklahoma. The Gamecocks travel to No. 2 Florida this week, while the Sooners will face No. 5 Notre Dame in two weeks. Losses by either team will drop them out of the top 10.

Here's a look at teams that will take advantage of losses by top 10 teams.


No. 11 Georgia

Some may call this an extreme reach, but the Bulldogs could easily get into the top 10 over the next few weeks. While South Carolina and Florida play this week, Georgia gets Kentucky.

If Florida beats South Carolina, the Gamecocks will fall out of the top 10, with Georgia likely taking that spot. Next week, if Georgia beats Florida, then the Bulldogs should be cemented in the top 10 for the rest of the season.

The Bulldogs had a bye week after the shellacking they took at the hands of South Carolina. Although there are multiple issues with protection along the offensive line, Georgia has the tools to run the table.

After Florida, Ole Miss and Auburn would be the only teams standing in the way of Georgia and a division title.

For that to happen, the offensive line has to block better and quarterback Aaron Murray has to make better decisions. An 11-of-31 performance just won't do if the Bulldogs are to make it back to the conference championship game.


No. 14 Florida State

The Seminoles had a tough loss against N.C. State on Oct. 6. It was a game of missed opportunities as they lost by one point.

Now, Florida State is out to prove it belongs in the top 10 and they'll get their opportunity over the rest of the season.

Awaiting the Seminoles in three of their last five games are Miami, Virginia Tech and Florida. The Miami and Virginia Tech games will determine the Seminoles spot in the ACC title game. The Florida game could determine if Florida State will have a shot at the national title.

For the ACC, all hopes are pinned on the Seminoles to run the table. If they don't, then questions about how good the league is will come up once again.


No. 17 Texas Tech

There weren't many people who predicted a Red Raiders win over West Virginia Saturday. Whether it was a case of a weak West Virginia defense or a strong Texas Tech offense—it's hard to say.

However, the Red Raiders will have an opportunity to prove that win was no fluke over the next three weeks. The Red Raiders travel to No. 23 TCU and No. 4 Kansas State before heading home to face No. 25 Texas.

If they can come out on top in those games, the Red Raiders may even find themselves in the top five.

With as high-powered as the offense can be, there's no reason why they can't win those games. By doing so, it will create a mess at the top of the Big 12.